Rangers’ Sky Sports boycott wouldn’t be a good idea

Rangers’ Sky Sports boycott wouldn’t be a good idea
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After Sky Sports’ rather unfair weigh-in over the Kris Boyd ‘mask’ fiasco, some Rangers fans wanted to see the sports giant banned from Ibrox.

However, there’s a note of caution attached to such a request.

Rangers banned Chris Sutton and Neil Lennon from Ibrox, and BT Sport thereafter refused to cover matches from Ibrox, deciding to side with their pundits and instead host from Celtic Park when Rangers play.

On the other hand, Rangers are well-documented for banning Sky’s Andy Walker from Ibrox (he was also banned from Celtic Park but they reversed that one) but they still continue to work at Ibrox and haven’t boycotted us.

Their solution was to replace Walker with James McFadden for Rangers matches, who might not be the world’s best pundit but he’s reasonably fair and honest.

BT decided not to replace Sutton and Lennon for Ibrox-based matches, and instead sided with them.

Our point?

We’re not keen on Sky on a number of levels, but at least they’ve overall treated our club reasonably well, rather than pettily boycotting us like both BT and the BBC have.

They show us reasonable respect, and despite Boyd’s treatment, he is not a current Rangers employee on any level so while his partiality is Rangers-inclined, Sky do have the right to ‘discipline’ an employee, even if we deeply protest their case.

Let’s not bite every hand that ‘feeds’ us, eh?

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  1. We need to stop calling for bans when someone says something we don’t like or disagree with. It’s ridiculous and makes us look petty. The best way to deal with people like Sutton, Hartson, Commons, Nicholas etc. and what seems like hundreds of people who never played for Celtic but can’t hide their roots, is to ignore them. Don’t click their articles regardless of how juicy or curious the headline may seem. You already know what you’re going to get so don’t do it.

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