Rangers ‘rival’ caught up in troubling allegations – karma?

Rangers ‘rival’ caught up in troubling allegations – karma?
27th January 2021 Easter Road, Edinburgh, Scotland Scottish Premiership Football, Hibernian versus Rangers Ryan Porteous of Hibernian gives Ryan Jack of Rangers a friendly pat on the head PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxUK ActionPlus12262916 AlanxRennie

We had to read with a bit of a raised eyebrow the allegations of ‘violence’ in a hospital from Hibs’ Ryan Porteous, a man who ex-Rangers coach Kevin Thomson described a few months ago as a lovely boy but a switch ‘goes on’ on the pitch.

Well that switch has clearly spilled over into his off-pitch life amidst claims he ‘attacked’ a woman in a hospital.

We can’t help feeling this lad is a rotten egg of Leigh Griffiths proportions – we’ve seen his behaviour on the pitch more than once, it’s disgusting, and if that’s the person he is he’s better off away from football.

Thomson’s judgement wanted to be kind to his ex-club, but Porteous is clearly troubled.

He’s only 22, and already acting, as a Scot would say, like a wee ‘ned’, allegedly of course.

He certainly does so on the pitch, and his manager has done a David Moyes in being ‘tone deaf’ insisting the defender will play on Sunday.

There really is a lot of rotten behaviour in the game north of the border, and apples like Porteous will always spoil the barrel.

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