Rangers officially clarify Goldson contract situation

Rangers officially clarify Goldson contract situation
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Stewart Robertson was unable to confirm Connor Goldson isn’t leaving, only that the club isn’t ‘resigned’ to losing the CB yet.

Goldson, 29, has been the subject of constant speculation since October 2020 when contract negotiations began, but when he received a formal offer in May, did not sign, and the situation has remained in permanent limbo ever since.

The managing director could only say that the club doesn’t know what will happen with the ex-Brighton man, and the same applies to a number of players out of contract this summer.

He said:

“I know Ross is having regular conversations with all the players whose contracts are expiring in the summer and that’s something that will be addressed in the coming months. I’m quite philosophical about how these things work. Players come in and sign a contract and they’ve committed for that time. If they serve their time and that’s what the club has signed up to as well then that’s fine. If someone leaves prior to their contract expiring and we get some revenue then again that’s something everybody is happy with. I get the noise that can sometimes follow these things but we just have to deal with what’s in front of us.”

This is as close as Robertson could get to saying ‘my guess is as good as yours’ meaning Rangers are no more clear now than they were in late 2020 as to whether Goldson intends to stay, but the reality is if he’s not signed a new deal by this point we can probably conclude he intends to leave.

But then no one seems to know one way or the other…

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  1. Goldson has been a good servant to the club but the fact that it was only championship clubs that showed an interest in him probably means that he is not going to move to a big English club so any move will most likely focus on money. Rangers appear to be moving on with Soutar, etc. so not sure where his future lies.

  2. Goldson is certainly not endearing himself to rangers supporters ..not signing an extension to his present contract is not a good sign. Unfortunately even a lot of championship clubs will be able to offer him more money and I think that’s what it’s all about ..it’s the way of the football world I’m afraid.

  3. Should withdraw the contract offer and let him go, he is nowhere good enough for English Premiership will be a very average cb in championship if he gets an offer.

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