Rangers legend Brian Laudrup has made some… ‘interesting’ comments…

Rangers legend Brian Laudrup has made some… ‘interesting’ comments…
12 Jun 1998: Brian Laudrup of Denmark raises two fingers during the World Cup group C game against Saudi Arabia at the Stade Felix Bollaert in Lens, France. Denmark won 1-0. Mandatory Credit: Shaun Botterill /Allsport

Brian Laudrup is a complete hero at Ibrox Noise, a true icon just like the Grand Master Sir Walter is, and will always be.

But we must admit when the Great Dane took up writing for the Daily Mail, during a time when the right-wing paper was anti-gay (if it isn’t now) and generally being a very horrible outlet overall, we were a bit disappointed.

Don’t get us wrong, Laudrup can write for whoever he likes, the problem with this one is along with the sun and record we just won’t click the mail, meaning we miss out on his wisdom.

But other outlets do publish his comments, so today we were certainly disappointed that he called Celtic ‘breathtaking’, that Stavros was ‘remarkable’ and that Rangers have to ‘try and reach’ the green and whites.

Everyone, including Kris Boyd and Laudrup, is entitled to their opinion, but we can’t help feeling a Rangers legend saying this about Celtic really is a bit out of touch.

What possessed him to praise the opponent?


Rangers or Celtic people know that being gushing with superlatives about the other side isn’t a good idea, even if you think you’re being ‘fair and balanced’.

It’s Rangers and Celtic – we don’t big up the other side and we don’t claim their boss is remarkable, and certainly not while things are so evenly balanced, and the other side just papped us last week.

This was one we’d have preferred the Great Dane kept to himself.

Still love him though.

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  1. I made the very same point about McCoist’s gushing arse licking commentary last week. It was excruciatingly embarrassing for an ex Ranger. Kris Boyd struck the right tone while still staying “fair and balanced”. He merely confirmed Celtic thoroughly deserved to win comfortably while emphasising that they did so because we never turned up. The likes of Walker, Sutton and Hartson would never have did what McCoist did. Wise up Ally and stop trying to be everyone’s pal.

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