Rangers fans slating January signing need to wise up

Rangers fans slating January signing need to wise up
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - FEBRUARY 02: Amad Diallo of Rangers reacts after a missed opportunity during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Celtic FC and Rangers FC at on February 02, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

The signing of £40M man Amad Diallo was in a wave of hype and fever, given his value and age, and the fact we’d somehow managed to secure him, but the 19-year old hasn’t lived up to the billing yet and is clearly struggling at the moment with life at Ibrox.

Now, let’s be sensible here – he’s literally a boy, and as far as we know, he’s up here completely on his own. We’re sure the club has the support networks in place, but his family isn’t with him.

For a very young man, this is a major change in his life, and a major upheaval, and it’s probably safe to say he’s not quite settled.

But what doesn’t help him is grown men (and women) slating him as garbage, criticising his every move and offering little support aside being convinced he’s a dud and we shouldn’t have signed him.

Let’s be clear – we pursued Andreas Skov Olsen for over two years only for the Danish winger to choose Bruges instead. Instead, we signed a rising star of world football, a 19-year old Ivory Coast international who cost Man Utd what is potentially an end fee of £40M. We 100% needed a right winger and we got a lad with a hell of a reputation.

If one of these men has a bit more potential, it isn’t Skov Olsen.

We’re not being delusional – we know Diallo hasn’t done it yet in Scottish football, and the game north of the border has reduced world class stars into rubble before, so he’s in perfectly decent company.

But giving up on him as many fans appear to have isn’t really the way forward.

The kid needs one or two confidence-building matches to show his prowess, and get the boo boys off his back.

But then, they shouldn’t really be on it, should they?

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  1. Funny, because looking at your comment history you were filled with joy at him arriving and you prayed he was in the UEL squad…

  2. The laddie can play you can clearly see . Our ‘ football’ is not skillful or friendly. He must see the difference. I know we do. I hope he will buckle down and rise above it it could be a great opportunity for him for his future.

  3. Looked like a rabbit in the headlights when he came on, the bottled tackle and offside decision made him look stupid, where has he been playing if this is so alien to him. 11 games left, 3 behind now, after yet another new year collapse in league, hardly time to let guys get fit or used to things, he’s had games to shine, and for Ramsey to be injured, that lot must be pissing themselves. Time we didn’t have to rely on Morelos all the time to. Do we not practice shooting in training, they all need it. Hate to be down, just gutted with so many repeats, but I reckon there will be a reverse of fortunes on Thursday, hope not, but league is bigger this year for financial reasons for one

  4. Just because some of us think it was a bad signing doesnt make us boo boys. I would never boo out players. Im just not a fan of bringing in young unproven players on loan. Espacially to a league like ours where they mostly become a rabbit in headlights.

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