Rangers and ‘winning’ the Europa League…

Rangers and ‘winning’ the Europa League…
The UEFA Europa League logo is displayed ahead of the draw for the UEFA Europa League football tournament in Istanbul on August 27, 2021. (Photo by OZAN KOSE / AFP) (Photo by OZAN KOSE/AFP via Getty Images)

Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves – Rangers have been to the last 16 the last 2 seasons, being put out both times by Bayer then Praha, so yesterday’s gargantuan win over Dortmund didn’t actually achieve anything we haven’t before.

It does, however, match it, and on a significance level, exceed it, because we didn’t have to beat Braga or Antwerp to get here, we had to beat one of the world’s best teams in Borussia.

But, what does this mean for the grand picture? What can this Rangers team achieve in Europe?

The last time we truly dared to dream was in 2008, and the run to Manchester. We didn’t beat any sides of any absolute elite gravity, albeit Bremen and Sporting weren’t bad, but the fact we kept that running all the way to the first genuinely top class team of the tournament, Zenit, showed what that underpowered Rangers team was capable of doing under Walter.

This time? Can it go all the way?

There’s nothing wrong with daring to dream. Having put out Dortmund, Rangers fans have a right to fear no one, to believe this club can go all the way, if they so wish.

The fans have earned that right, because quite simply we have already put out the best team in the tournament.

But what would going all the way mean?

Winning the UEL has an incredible prize of £50M on top of the £15M. The victorious team secures £15M for winning the UEL, plus automatically gains group entry to the CL, which is another £50M.

All in all, the prize nowadays for winning the UEL is £65M, give or take. At least it is in Scotland, thanks to how prize money is split in the UK between broadcasters and TV pots.

So, while we’re all guns blazing to win 56, the UEL offers an alternative path.

Are Rangers going to win the UEL?

Again, jumping the gun. No one gave Praha a hope last season and they were far, far too strong for us and deservedly beat us. Bayer in 2019 we simply gave too much respect to. We didn’t to Dortmund and look at the difference.

So let’s not assume that because we’ve beaten the best team that the thing is there for us to win.

A Red Star could turn out to be a dark horse and a tonne better than we realised, so we afford all teams left genuine respect.

But it’s a route, nevertheless. A route to that UCL slot.

Two ways of guaranteeing UCL – winning UEL, or 56.

How about both? Dream big!

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  1. If we get to the EL final, and the other team in the final has already qualified into the CL through there league does tht mean we auto qualify for CL and the place goes to us ?

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