Morelos shocker as Rangers star is thwarted

Morelos shocker as Rangers star is thwarted
Rangers' Colombian forward Alfredo Morelos celebrates after scoring a goal during the UEFA Europa League group D football match between SL Benfica and Glasgow Rangers at the Luz stadium in Lisbon on November 5, 2020. (Photo by PATRICIA DE MELO MOREIRA / AFP) (Photo by PATRICIA DE MELO MOREIRA/AFP via Getty Images)

The Alfredo Morelos situation is a diabolical travesty, and Rangers really should recall him.

Colombia’s head coach Reinaldo Rueda called up Rangers’ star striker for his country’s double-header world cup qualifiers, but not only didn’t select him in the XI v Peru, but didn’t have him on the bench either.

To make matters even more shocking, he’s confirmed he’s sticking by the misfiring strikers for Argentina that failed in the first match.

Which means Morelos is likely to be left out again.

Which means there was absolutely, absurdly, ridiculously no point in his being called up, and being denied an appearance at Parkhead.

All Rueda has done is frustrated a player and a club, and made Rangers infinitely less likely to free Morelos in future given this coach’s track record of wasting clubs’ time.

He’s weakened us for tomorrow night and not even used the player he’s denied us.

It’s dreadful, and it’s poor.

He’s on record as confirming he’ll do it again v Argentina, which makes us wonder if he’s an undercover agent for Parkhead just desperate to weaken the Famous.

Absurd, frustrating, and a surefire way to damage the relationship between a club and an entire nation.

Well done Reinaldo slow clap

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  1. absolutly disgusting i thought great he will get game time for columbia 2 games in he hasnt been on the squad nor on the bench absolutly shocking he must be ragin at the minute wishing he was back in scotland playing for the rangers doing the sprinkles on park head soil once again

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