Media goes mental as Gio ‘drops’ two Rangers men

Media goes mental as Gio ‘drops’ two Rangers men
Best of luck, Andy Firth....

A lot has been made this morning of two big omissions from Rangers’ Europa League squad to face Borussia Dortmund.

Defender Filip Helander has been left out, as has striker Cedric Itten, and the media has predictably gone a bit radio rental over this but of course there’s a lot more to it than just two major names being dumped.

In Helander’s case, it’s a stupid story, because he won’t even be fit till early March. Gio confirmed the Swede is a few weeks away from fitness at the soonest and with the first leg v the Germans not till the 17th, it’s a risk to include him given the chances of his being available are touch and go.

And of course including him would be at the expense of someone more likely to be fit, so it was, sadly, a logical move.

As for Itten, his return has been a disaster, pure and simple. The Swiss has been slow, miles off the pace, cumbersome, and looks a shadow of even the fringe player he was before he left. Something has happened to him and he just isn’t at it right now – so this omission is no surprise at all. It does leave Rangers with just one actual striker v Dortmund, with Kemar Roofe an option too, so it’s not ideal.

We want the former St Gallen man to regain some form, sharpness and momentum (we sure don’t dislike him), but since he came back he’s barely shown a glimmer of it, and we don’t have time to cut him slack.

So those two will not play any role v Dortmund, but all the new signings are in the squad, along with everyone else bar Hagi and aforementioned Helander.

It’s a decent group.

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