“****** it today – 3” Ratings v Motherwell at Ibrox

“****** it today – 3” Ratings v Motherwell at Ibrox
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - FEBRUARY 24: Rangers manager Giovanni van Bronckhorst is seen during the UEFA Europa League Knockout Round Play-Offs Leg Two match between Rangers FC and Borussia Dortmund at Ibrox Stadium on February 24, 2022 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

After a dismal collapse from the Famous today, we’ve dropped yet more domestic points in the latest episode of the inescapable new year blues.

Ibrox Noise rates the players who failed miserably to hold onto a simple lead:


What did we say v Utd? We repeat it pretty much here. He’s done. Sorry guys, he will make the occasional big save in Europe or a match v Celtic but he’s lost any appetite for bread and butter matches now and it shows. Should have retired in the summer. 4


We’re not as harsh on him as some seem to be, the guy worked hard as anyone out there and he tried 19 crosses, even if only a couple hit their mark. Wasn’t needed defensively and neither goal was down to him. He was also the one to face the media after the match. 6


He is having continuous shocker after shocker. We were one of the few willing to say he was pretty rubbish v Dortmund, but the high of fans in general made him out to be better than he was. Understandable. He was the same today but in the cold light of a bad result he looked even worse. 100 passes none of which went anywhere, and was completely in no man’s land again for all the goals. Fans’ patience is getting thin on him, and that is very much our feeling too. 3


Literally no clue why Gio played him here, this wasn’t a 3 at the back. Lunny was a wrong selection wasted in the wrong formation in the wrong position, but did his best. Did contribute at the back, and was miles and away better than his partner but can’t be blamed for this one. 5


He’s starting to show his limitations. He’s not very quick, he has atrocious concentration, and he’s lacking in intelligence in a position where being canny is important. He’s big and strong but he’s starting to look like last year’s Bassey again. 5


Really don’t know what he was doing out there, looked disinterested and barely got involved. Lazy, distant, and wasn’t up for it at all. 5


He needs a rest. We are massive fans of this boy but he’s 33 and he’s being overused. Keeps working hard but isn’t effective right now. He’s not 28 any more. 5


He worked hard as hell, got an assist, and was a menace. Can hold his head high for sure. 7


Patchy – filled with beans as always but very wasteful with his chances. Took one, true, but wasn’t efficient with use of the ball and but for the goal was an empty jersey. 6


A strong show from Alfie, once again leading the line well, and did little wrong. Along with Kent and by a distance our best player. 8



His stats for last season were great. This season he’s a pale imitation of that player. Offers nothing these days and was absolutely rotten v Celtic. Continued that today. 4


Gio ****** it today. We love him, but he’s making a pig’s ear right now of domestic football. Some questionable selections, and just like his predecessor sticks by Goldson come hell or high water. Choked with subs, as in he didn’t really make any, and after all the brilliance of Borussia, he was a flop today. Everything he got right v the Germans he got wrong v Motherwell. Poor. 3

Now, a lot of you might argue we were coasting in the first half, so why so harsh with the ratings. Well, we weren’t coasting – we had tonnes of the ball but could only score once. That’s right, we relied on an OG to open the scoring, don’t forget that bit. So wasteful. Come the second half the players absolutely tanked it, and let Motherwell take a well-earned point. We just got mugged by the worst SPL team in current form. That’s a disgrace and it’s Gio’s lowest point. Forget Parkhead, this was way, way worse.

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  1. Last week we spoke about Gerrard not winning in europe against Dortmund,
    We’ll one things for sure he would have taken the 3 points from that game today no doubt!,
    Gio needs to get his act together quickly,3 wins from 8 matches is not acceptable for the famous,luckily Gerrard gave him a head start with 4 points or we’d be 6 behind now,
    Ffs get a grip

  2. Sorry to say this has to be the end of the road for the legend that is McGregor 4 points shipped due to him Ross County for 2 of the 3 goals and the 2nd one today. Age has finally caught up with him and McLaughlin or McCrorie should play for the rest if the season.
    Today cannot understand why Balogun or Helander did not play today as Lundstram is never a central defender and it showed today he is far more effective in midfield.
    As for Goldson he must be jettisoned immediately cost a goal on Thursday and was horrendous today at the 2nd goal.Go with Balogun and Helander as central defenders.
    Finally more poor officiating today Morleos never offside at 2nd goal. Have to play for 90 minutes and not assume being 2up at half time the job is done.

  3. Good editorial piece as always. Should have freshened it up at half time. Woolley clearly a speed merchant our defence couldn’t match. Do we need a bread and butter team and a Euroteam? What a lost opportunity today. Celtic no longer have Thursday nights to drain them. O well.

  4. It was awful , lack of professionalism, lack of pride, lack of desire to just fucking win ffs. Why no Balogun… Goldson is a joke , he nows starts to disrespect our great club by not caring or trying . Tave….hello we play in Blue ffs not one set piece came any where near our players. Bassey limited and exposed for what he is,
    big strong boy with enthusiasm. What is Kamara…why did we need him, he slows play up he contributes nothing.
    Kent and Morelos positive …that’s it . Totally disgraceful officials today , but its an aside . We stopped playing again . GVB too horribly late with substitutes and seems to think changing almost the whole structure would have the right result ffs Lundstram, Sakala ????Hurting so much especially after the euphoria of Thursday. Be sure the Sheep Shaggers and the rest of this sorry league will see our weakness.

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