GVB takes aim at Scottish refs as Rangers boss doubles down

GVB takes aim at Scottish refs as Rangers boss doubles down
Not thrilled with our refs is Gio...

Giovanni van Bronckhorst has, in his usual polite, gentle, and cryptic way, slaughtered Scottish refs for being completely useless.

Speaking at his pre-Annan presser, Rangers’ boss was expressing the need for VAR in the game, and how he was completely in favour of the SPFL bringing it in, but his tone regarding recent refereeing performances was very telling, as he ‘backed’ the refs but hinted their decisions were a mess.

The manager is learning for the first proper time how bad referees in this country have become, because back in his day there were a few half decent whistlers, Hugh Dallas and John Rowbotham weren’t awful, but now we’ve got John Beaton and Kevin Clancy to contend with.

And the boss is more than in favour of VAR to help stop Leon Balogun getting a yellow for a perfectly legit challenge.

GVB is very careful with how he speaks, he never says exactly what he thinks but instead hints at it, with polite niceties and veiled compliments, being deliberately vague to avoid ever getting himself or his club in trouble.

But he clearly thinks our refs are a shambles.

You’re not alone there mate!

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