Gio lets rip after Rangers penalty ignored

Gio lets rip after Rangers penalty ignored
Wasn't happy at all here....

The VAR debate has raised its head again after GVB (rightly) hinted at it again following Bobby Madden’s failure to award Rangers two stonewall penalties.

After praising it for awarding Rangers a penalty and a goal in midweek, the lack of the technology cost Rangers this time as two clear awards were blatantly ignored, one being especially astonishing, and Gio wasn’t shy in expressing this.

Look, we agree with some fans on this, we can’t blame the referees for our own failure to hit the back of the net.

That’s on us, and our inability to be clinical at Tannadice.

But that doesn’t alter the facts that penalties and goals change games, and that the right outcome should always be gotten to regardless of how well you do or don’t play.

And Gio’s frustration at VAR not being there to get the right outcome is understandable.

It’s not the reason we drew, but it played a big part in how the game went – VAR is there to help refs get the right decisions, and Madden made two huge blunders. How he made them is anyone’s guess, especially the first call, but he made them, and VAR could have prevented that.

We do wonder about the ‘penalty to Rangers’ reputation we have, and whether that counted against us on this occasion, but it doesn’t really matter.

Gio is right, and the sooner VAR is in the better.

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  1. I wouldn’t hold your breath for that Green led biased anti Rangers mob to put it in place. They will say they don’t have the money. The truth is closer to…it would prevent the rotten mob getting bent offside goals and blocking anyone getting penalties against them too. Yesterday at the midden showed it again .

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