Gio and his masterplan after Parkhead slaughter…

Gio and his masterplan after Parkhead slaughter…
He's focused on Sunday and only Sunday.....

2 weeks ago if you were to take the full time reaction after Parkhead at face value, Celtic were to win the league with a runaway points tally, Gio was about to get the sack, and Rangers were going to be absolutely rogered by Dortmund in a couple of weeks.

Oh what a difference 15 days have made.

Rangers have lost two goals in 4 matches, scored 14, won the lot, and destroyed the mighty Dortmund while they were at it.

Meanwhile, at the time of writing Celtic have a hell of a glimt in their eye as a team who haven’t played seriously since December are absolutely obliterating them on their own patch.

What a difference, two weeks make….

15, little days…

Rangers are still second in the table, but there is absolutely no denying the overreaction that Celtic were now to bestride the league like a colossus while Rangers were ready to fold, reaction mostly from our own fans we hasten to add, was a tad… shall we say premature.

We told many fans not to react like this, and in your defence, many of you agreed with us.

Only 2 weeks later, we think you’re all onside.

Gio has demonstrated in the past two weeks why he’s the right man to lead us.

Parkhead was in fact the best thing that could happen to us – he learned his own weaknesses, he learned that of his squad’s, and he quickly put together a plan to fix it.

And since then, he’s repaired all the damage and taken us to maybe the best result in our European history.

It’s not looking so bad now, is it?

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  1. Fabulous all round. As you know I never have doubted GVB. Tonight was tremendous we stood tall against millions of pounds of WC talent let’s not pretend here. . Tonight that charlatan rotten mob got shafted for what they are 2nd rate chancers, like their manager. Did you see that hilarious banner ffs!!! They wanted him binned after 2 games ffs a fist raised lololo , Hearts etc. They are slash at the back . We on the other hand have depth solidity and real grit. Onwards 56 .

  2. What a night, and what a buzz that was watching. Do you agree we played better with the 4 at the back ? I think if we kept it at that we could have grabbed another. Im not complaiming btw haha. Just a thought i had. Curious to see what you and my fellow Ibrox noise readers think ?

  3. In addition guys, just look at the rest of the teams in this competition . We stand proud at this level , we belong , no bullshit , no bluff. Unlike the travelling sideshow that is polluting our football and our country .

  4. Absolutely brilliant result. The best in Europe since Lyon and another great chapter in our history. And a rusty Bobo Glimt, the giants of Norway, running all over the top of the mighty Celtic was the icing on the cake. Is it true that Celtic will now drop into the Eurovision Song Contest? If Carlsberg did Thursdays…………………………

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