European world record broken as Celtic humiliate Scotland. Again…

European world record broken as Celtic humiliate Scotland. Again…
Cheer up Stavros...

It’s not like we could resist. Following the Celtic match then the Utd match Ibrox Noise has had more than its fair share of vermin infiltrating the page and site, the sort of chafe that comes out after a bad result for the Famous but is conspicuously silent after a good one.

And as a result, we’ve barely had cause to mention them, but in the spirit of rivalry and a good old fashioned ‘GIRUY’ we have to bring attention to the world record Celtic have secured thanks to their latest European escapade.

Indeed, the Parkhead side have miraculously become only the second side in European history to get knocked out of Europe three times in one season.

The first side was Celtic, in 2014!

Sadly, that first one didn’t fully count because of the infamous Legia ‘ineligible’ player malarkey that gave them a completely undeserved reprieve.

This time they’re out for good, having been gubbed out in three different European competitions. Sadly for Celtic the safety net of the Eurovision Song Contest isn’t there following the European Conference Call League.

We’ve destroyed Borussia, and Celtic can’t even beat Norwegian sheep herders.

Don’t believe for one second they’re even close to being the best team in Scotland.

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