“End of discussion” – Gio slams debate as Rangers drop points

“End of discussion” – Gio slams debate as Rangers drop points
He wasn't thrilled....

Gio’s after match comments today do sum up feeling about the result. It was just one of those things, that’s hard to pinpoint exactly what failed for the side, beyond not putting the ball in the back of the net enough.

And that’s the point – the visiting side dominated the ball, and by the final half hour laid absolute siege to the home goal, but aside one breach, simply couldn’t convert.

Let’s face it, Alfredo Morelos is a monster, Joe Aribo is magical, Ryan Kent is dynamite etc etc – and only one of them could put away one of the multitude of chances.

It was quite simply a bum note, and they happen.

How often does a team pepper a goal repeatedly but fail to put it away, with the level of dominance and control we had today?

A freak? A disquieting afternoon?

End of the day we’ve lost more ground on Celtic – we’re 3 points behind now, and that’s our fault (with a hint of help from Madden let’s face it), so we can do no more than dust ourselves off and go again.

If this was to be an occurrence every match, whereby we dominate the ball and have a gazillion shots but can’t convert them, then yes, we’d be worried.

But it’s the first time we can remember being that profligate, along with Utd’s stout defending.

It was one of those days, and we will have them occasionally.

We move on.

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  1. From 4 ahead to 3 behind
    Going backwards again
    U need to beat these diddy teams if you want to win the league
    I know its not the end of the world but if we loose again and go to 6 behind then weve got our work cut out!,
    We are putting pressure on ourselves by gifting these points and league away

  2. OK let’s move forward we’ve all calmed down , cause you’re right we done everything but score. Let’s hope we learn and no do it again. Onwards 56 . We are better than all of them we know how to win .

  3. You can have all the talent on the pitch, but sometimes you just can’t beat dogged determination from a side that just won’t lie down and get railroaded.

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