“Biggest performance of his career – 10” player ratings as Rangers gub BVB

“Biggest performance of his career – 10” player ratings as Rangers gub BVB
Dortmund's Brazilian midfielder Reinier (R) vies with Rangers' Finnish midfielder Glen Kamara (L) during the UEFA Europa League play-off second leg football match between Rangers and Borussia Dortmund at the Ibrox Stadium, in Glasgow, on February 24, 2022. (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN / AFP) (Photo by ANDY BUCHANAN/AFP via Getty Images)

We’re going to try to avoid being too emotional and knee jerk seeing as it’s only halfway…

Of course it’s not, we completed the job, and truthfully, we deserved it.

Ibrox Noise brings you our ratings for a night to remember for the rest of our lives.


Better than the first leg, he pulled off a lot of big saves, and his kicking was much cleaner. A more assured performance from a goalie who’s had his critics. 7


Probably the biggest performance of his career, and he scored both goals as well. His defending was top notch, Borussia had nothing down the left, and he was attacking regularly. In the last few matches he’s looked more our captain than he ever has. Didn’t put a foot wrong. 10


Cost us both goals, was flapping at a lot, and was by far the weak link in defence. Didn’t link well with anyone, and we won despite him, not because of him. 5


Did well enough in central defence but was exposed for pace a few times. A few fans have tried to claim he’s quicker than Balogun, we can assure them that’s false. Far superior out at LB and able to dominate that flank. 8


Struggled again, wasteful with passes and negative with his approach – we love the guy and we want him to get better but he’s a long way off it. He’s trying but it’s not working. Rightly removed. 5


Struggled a bit with the pace in the first half, wasn’t getting his dig in where he normally would, but got a second wind and picked up in the second, with better tracking. He’s not really able to deliver at the moment for a full 90 minutes. 7


Took one for the team, and kept plugging hard. He rarely wasted a pass, and he was certainly our best midfielder. Hard tackling and rarely let up and adapted brilliantly again to defence with the system change. 8


Flawless. He destroyed Dortmund time and time again, and was cruelly robbed of a well-deserved goal. He’s in career-high form right now. 10


Better than in recent times, still a LITTLE below where we know he can be but he’s getting back. Strong on the ball and tried to make things happen. Lots of dribbles. 7


Ok, again, a rotten decision again but this time where it was reversed – this time he kept the ball when he should have passed and Kenty had a tap in, but overall he was a menace, hard-working, a nuisance, and he can be delighted with his movement. Just ran out of steam and was taken off. 7


Big display again from the Colombian, constant menace as well, brilliant first touch and just lacked a goal. Real team player effort from him. 9



Christ this guy can defend. He’s been immaculate when he’s been in, and that penalty box slider may just have been bigger than a goal. What a mountain he is. 8


Was tidy and helped shore things up when we changed the system. 6


Had a tough one at the weekend, but this was the perfect response. He set up a strong team, with the only weakness being Barisic and Bassey, but he fixed that in the second. Goldson might be letting the side down, but overall Gio couldn’t be happier with what his men gave him, and the 3 at the back absolutely works when we need it. Adapt and overcome. Excellent night for our manager. 9

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