Aaron Ramsey wherefore art thou?

Aaron Ramsey wherefore art thou?
Ramsey at training (Credit Rangers FC)

We can’t wondering now what the actual point of the Aaron Ramsey loan was. Don’t get us wrong, he’s a world class player and if a world class player is offered to you you don’t say no.

But so far, since January, the lad has managed exactly 94 minutes of football, and none of it was consequential aside an assist up north in Annan.

Supposedly injured in training, a knock put him out of today’s trip to Tannadice as well, and ultimately after the sheer fanfare of his arrival, there’s been barely a peep since.

We’re not turning on Aaron Ramsey, not at all, but we do wonder why he’s here.

He’s miles off match fitness, he’s only staying for the rest of the season (unless the rumours about a permanent deal are true) and thus far it’s been a complete waste of everyone’s time.

He came for minutes, to play football, but he’s not managed that – either due to lack of fitness or the manager not being impressed in training. Or both?

The guy is a baller. You do not play for Arsenal and Juventus if you can’t play a bit. So there’s obviously a tonne of talent there. £40M of it, in fact.

But so far we’ve seen nary a sign of it since he arrived, and we wonder how long before we’ll get to see the superstar we thought we’d brought in.

Answers on a postcard.

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  1. At this point in the league campaign its not a half fit and half hearted on loan superstar that’s needed, what we needed was a footsoldier who is steady and reliable, willing to put all on the line, it often infuriates me when we get the blue label on loan player in who will be off at the sniff of a contract elsewhere. Mr..Ramsey I wish you all the best and I hope we see some of this talent you have pretty soon.

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