“A Celtic fan” – conspiracy theories as Rangers star gets dumped

“A Celtic fan” – conspiracy theories as Rangers star gets dumped
Colombia s forward Alfredo Morelos R celebrates with his teammate Roger Martinez L after scoring against Peru, during a friendly match played at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, USA, 15 November 2019. Colombia - Peru ACHTUNG: NUR REDAKTIONELLE NUTZUNG PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY Copyright: xGiorgioxVierax AME5579 20191116-637094813138340638

Rangers fans are in shock today after being denied Alfredo Morelos’ services for tonight’s Old Firm match on completely worthless grounds.

The Colombian hitman was called up for international duty, but didn’t even manage a place on the bench in either of the two fixtures on the Colombian calendar, wasting his time, and also losing Rangers a critical player for a critical match.

The 25-year yo hitman was called up for the double header v Peru and Argentina, but after being completely overlooked even for the bench for the Peruvian encounter, coach Reinaldo Rueda confirmed he planned to repeat that epic fail for the Argentina match.

Colombia lost both matches.

There are some conspiracy theories that Rueda is a Celtic fan, and as mentalist as that sounds, it would make more sense than the idiocy of calling up a top player and ignoring him completely, denying him club football too for such a big match.

This is the kind of nonsense that gets coaches fired, and it sounds to us like Rueda needs his P45 ASAP.

Not only has he ruined Colombia’s chances of making Qatar (they sit 7th and are well off the pace), but he’s hurt Rangers’ artillery for tonight. Add to that the waste of everyone’s time and Morelos’ own disappointment and Rangers will not be getting a happy player back at all.

What a crock.

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  1. We all no we could do with Alfie for tonight’s game if we didn’t allow him to join his countrymen for these two games I believe we should only release players that are going to make the squad for the needed games rather than wasting the clubs chance to have them available maybe it would have been nice if Columbia had allowed Morelos to return to the club if he wasn’t in the managers plans for the games

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