Why sale of Patterson is the right move for Rangers

Why sale of Patterson is the right move for Rangers
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It’s the morning after the breaking news of Nathan Patterson’s £16M move to Everton, and fans are understandably divided over this development.

Ibrox Noise, however, is genuinely pleased with this sale, on a number of levels, and we’ll explain why.

The first one is that finally, Rangers have sold a player in this grossly inflated market for the value his peers are going for. In January 2012, just before transfer fees went nuts, we sold a top class Croat international striker to the same club for just £5M. Back then that was a decent number, but today he’d be worth easily three times it or more.

Well, back to Goodison we go 10 years later and now we are selling for literally that 3 times or more amount. We finally, for the first time in the history of Ibrox Noise, are selling a player for Dembele Dollars, and it’s high time.

We began life in November 2011 on this site and since then we’ve barely sold a player for more than a bean, aside Jelavic.

Finally, for the first time in a decade, Ibrox Noise sees a club commodity going for the market rate, and we are making 100% profit.

Secondly, Auchenhowie wasn’t designed to breed players for the first team, it was designed, like any Academy, to profit, and occasionally produce something for the first team. Of the dozens, hundreds, even thousands of players to come from the Academy, less than 1% actually make it at good levels in the game. The majority end up at Alloa or Swindon Town.

Finally, we’ve produced a player we’re able to sell for massive profit, without losing out much in terms of the first team. Patterson has been sacrificed, to make us money. And that’s the modern game. Did Celtic WANT to sell Dembele? Tierney? Van Dijk? Of course not, but it makes big money and you can’t turn that down.

Then there’s the deficit issue. This really does solve Rangers’ debt issues in one fell swoop, we’re now more or less breaking even. It doesn’t give Gio a fortune to play with, but it’s a game changer for the window for sure.

In short, we support the club’s decision, wish Patto the best, and we move on.

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  1. still upset we havnt gotten to see one of our own products playing in the first team how many more years b4 we actually see someone nail down a first team spot from the academy…. i feel 16m is a bargin for a player with his potential

    • We’ve seen with Gilmour and now Patterson that players of this calibre will probably be scouted by bigger leagues and will never get a chance to flourish with us. We’ve also seen them sniffing around our young players like Leon King who are no way near the first team. But they don’t need to make the first team as long as they make us money.

  2. This is exactly as I thought the sale is good for Rangers financially and good for Patterson sake he will flourish there similar obviously to Andy Robertson. We have do what is needed for the club. I dont think that will all of our business we will bring in perhaps 2 new players with possibly 2 leaving I still think Gerrard will make a move for Goldson and Kamara.

  3. Agree with what has been said and wish the best for the lad. It is in everyone’s best interests that he goes there. Just hope we included a sell on % clause as he has potential to go for a lot more in the future.

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