“Very naive – 5” – Rangers ratings after Pittodrie drama

“Very naive – 5” – Rangers ratings after Pittodrie drama
Hagi with Rangers' bright moment of a difficult match (Credit Rangers FC)

Rangers dropped their first league points under Giovanni van Bronckhorst. Ibrox Noise takes you through our ratings on a night to forget.


Looked a little bit like the SG McGregor he’d become before regaining momentum under Gio. Didn’t command his box and seemed subdued. One decent save. 6


He wasn’t horrible, and he was one of Rangers’ marginally better performers. Got a couple of crosses in, but wasn’t on the ball enough and wasn’t doing enough damage. 6


When Goldson barely touches the ball you know the match has been ‘different’. One of the worst passing accuracies we’ve ever seen (58%), Goldson didn’t play his normal game, but did manage 5 defensive contributions. 5


By some distance our best defender, Bassey worked hard, stayed strong, and used his right peg well for a great ball for Scotty Wright. 7


Utterly subdued, looked distracted. Barely ventured into the opposition half, but did play his defensive game with some effect. 5


Sadly, a mistake from Gio to start him, albeit midfield options were thin. Sands was a rabbit in headlights and if ever a player has been thrown in the deep end and drowned, this was it. It’s not a complete bust – he did pass quite well, and he made some defensive work count, but the game was too much for him and he wasn’t able to express himself. 5


Good passing, but not much else we can add to his performance. Subdued. 6


Very unfortunate with the red, but it was the price for a stupid early yellow. In terms of his contribution, he was lively, made lots of runs (even if they weren’t always picked out) and worked hard. Provided a brilliant assist. 7


Scored the goal, didn’t otherwise do an awful lot wrong. But wasn’t influential in the way Joe Aribo is. And that’s the benchmark he was having to aspire to. 6


Bright, energetic, but lacked conviction with end product. He always falls short of being good enough, but he never stops earning the right to try. 6


Bang to rights on the pen unfortunately, but otherwise had an involved game and tried to make things happen. Work ethic was there and he can hold his head high. 7



Should have started in Sands’ place, but was the completely wrong man to bring on for Wright when he did. This wasn’t the moment for him. 5


Had no impact. 4


New manager, same old bringing on Itten with one second to go so he can’t make a difference. 4


The lineup wasn’t a mistake (lack of options did limit the possibilities), but Sands was, and Gio also got the formation wrong in light of Aberdeen’s potential pressing and pressure. No idea why he brought Lundstram on for Wright, and unfortunately this was the first blot for the manager. Very naïve to go to Pittodrie and set up an attacking side. 5

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  1. This game was due to be played in the last week of December.

    Celtic managed to get the winter break cut short early. Celtic were under strength and managed taint the winter break, this along with the outrageous corrupt regional assembly of SNP – who shut down the economy for no reason made it easier for Celtic to shut down the season early.

    Why do you vote for the ned nasty shit holes snp? Have a long look in the mirror.

  2. Was agreeing with most of your comments until you came to Calvin Bassey. He was an absolute bomb scare. He was positionally poor as always (at CB). His passing was awful. When he wasn’t launching it into row Z he was passing straight to an Aberdeen player. When he did pass to a Rangers player it was usually under so much pressure that he lost the ball. The sooner he is moved out of CB the better.
    I also thought Morelos was back to his moody and lazy best. I still hope that he can recover his form of the previous few games and sell him for good money. He is not the answer.
    If this is the best we can manage after 3 weeks on the training ground then we are in BIG trouble.

    • A tad harsh on Bassey, 75% passing average which was the second highest from our defence suggests you may be unfair on him. Also, launching in row z is called a clearance and it’s better there than our box.

  3. I have to disagree too as with Robrob57 Much as stats on passing etc are laudable it tells no story of how we did not win , after we scored we stopped playing . This was an awful performance against a very poor not technical team who always raise it against us we knew that but honestly they are a poor lot . Too many in blue not interested, not putting it in. Kent , Barasic , Morelos not fully engaged Yes young Sands exposed agree. Bassey gave the ball away quite a bit and always seems to step out of position. Lundstraam ????why he’s not interested either. I hope GVB got a good look at what he needs to do cause that kind of attitude and lack of desire won’t cut it .

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