Skov Olsen finished at Bologna as Rangers move in

Skov Olsen finished at Bologna as Rangers move in
Andreas Skov Olsen Bologna FC during Bologna FC vs Inter FC Internazionale, Italian football Serie A match in Bologna, Italy, April 03 2021 PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY Copyright: xLiveMedia/AlessioxMarinix/xIPAx/xLiveMediax 0

Andreas Skov Olsen’s Bologna career is 100% over after the Rangers target was slaughtered by his manager Sinisa Mihajlovic.

The Danish winger, barely-used in his time in Serie A, has wanted an out after never gaining Mihajlovic’s favour, but the manager himself decided the best response to his own ignoring of the forward was to criticise him back.

“Let’s say they (and fellow team mate Mitchell Dijks) weren’t ready… They are two players who no longer enjoy being here and I can’t keep players here who pull out in our time of need.”

It’s pretty rich of the Serbian to attack ASO when he’s only picked him 25 times of a potential 81, which has clearly demotivated the attacker and ruined his form.

It’s no wonder he wants to leave, having handed in a transfer request.

And the former free kick specialist Mihajlovic clearly didn’t like the transfer request so pettily attacked back.

Most likely ASO was available but the boss overlooked him.

There is no chance ASO will still be a Bologna player at the end of the window.

The open goal is there Rangers, take it.

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  1. Can’t really blame the manager if he just doesn’t fancy him. It’s clear he wants away and the club will be happy to cash in but surely if he was at all interested in Rangers he would be here already. It worries me if he doesn’t come that we end up with no one or worse still second best.

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