Rangers must offer fan favourite a new deal NOW

Rangers must offer fan favourite a new deal NOW
He surely deserves one?

We’re starting to get a bit concerned now about Scott Arfield. With just 4 months left on his deal, there is absolutely no word yet on a new contract and the player himself is 100% in favour of one.

Is Scott Arfield going to be freed?

We certainly hope not. The lad absolutely is one of us, a true blue, and he loves playing for the Famous. Few give more on the pitch than Arfield and he has the added bonus of clearly being good enough to don the shirt.

He raises Rangers’ level and Gio has more than happily selected him ahead of Steven Davis for the majority of his time as manager, so clearly the boss rates him, but as yet, there’s no extension for his deal.

It’s funny, since he joined in 2018, he’s the one player who has never received a new offer, never received any contract talk, and from what we understand, little engagement on that topic from the board.

We’ve seen infinitely less worthy players happily get extensions, with a flurry of them happening a few years ago about 12 months into Gerrard’s tenure, but for Arfield absolutely zip.

In fairness, surely you could offer Scotty 3p and a pack of Chewits and he’d happily sign, but there’s no word of any offer whatsoever.

We find this strange.

Goldson got his offer well over a year before his deal runs out, and McGregor has had a couple of extensions. Both signed around the time of Arfield.

We wonder why Scotty isn’t getting one.


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