Rangers ‘fear’ selling Kamara? Not a bit of it…

Rangers ‘fear’ selling Kamara? Not a bit of it…
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According to the rags, Rangers ‘fear’ bids for Glen Kamara and Borna Barisic this month, with the former especially coveted, but we at Ibrox Noise have news for red tops who want to spin it like that:

We don’t ‘fear’ anything.

If Aston Villa, highly linked with the Fin, want him, like Everton before them they’ll have to pay top dollar for the midfielder, and life at Ibrox will go on should he make the move south.

No one man is bigger than this club, although our ex-manager tried to be (and nearly succeeded until his exit), and Rangers FC have survived the loss of better players than Glen Kamara in the past.

If Villa or anyone else wants a player like Kamara, Rangers will expect BIG dough for him. And he’s far from indispensable.

As for Barisic, the same tabloid claimed his agent has been touting him around England, which may have a nugget of truth given the miserly and insulting £2M offer Watford submitted some days ago.

Again, if we sell him, it’s on our terms, it’s for what we think he’s worth, and life at Ibrox will go on.

We fear nothing, even if the tabloids would have you believe otherwise.

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  1. 100% we fear no one leaving or anyone against us No Surrender. Kamara cost us a very small fee , we have made him a better ayer , Europe etc. So yes ge can go for the Right Number as Ross Wilson has ‘coined…same for Borna we have totally raised his profile so , yes ge can go. We can afford as a team to lose Kamara . We cannot afford to lose Morelos without a proper replacement.

  2. I will crack open a bottle of champers if Glen leaves, another who l never rated never liked, always found him to be lazy, uninterested and highly overrated

  3. JT if you never rated kamara well I’m glad you are not in charge of recruitment at Rangers, he is a fine player.and when we sell him on his price tag will confirm that. He strolls most games not lazy, if he was uninterested he wouldn’t have signed a new contract, I would imagine he would have stalled for.a move. Long may he boss out midfield as we will do well to replace him.

    • He only signed a new contract as not a single club wanted him, that is the truth, pull an average bloke off the street and put him where Kamara is and he will do the exact same, play a simple pass sideways or back, hardly difficult, l have wondered many time what on earth he actually brings to the team, he is an empty shirt and will be laughing at the scouse rhat that took everything and everybody, the kitchen sink and fittings, and l pray it’s Kamara next, he will disappear, and the villa fans will be saying, why the fuck did we bring him here

  4. It’s the business plan, buy the lads, make them better, sell them on. They all have contracts with buy out price. If 3 or 4 of them go,Good, we will still win the league and get the pot of gold. Come on Gio.


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