“My own mistakes” – GVB’s candid Rangers confession

“My own mistakes” – GVB’s candid Rangers confession
No wonder he's so positive....

GVB admits he is his own worst critic after conceding he reviews his own performance as much as that of his players following matches.

In a candid confession, the boss was talking about how referees could benefit from being helped with a review system, in order to get more decisions right and learn to be better refs, but intriguingly he also added that we’re all human and we make mistakes.

It was the admittance that he reviews himself as much as he reviews his team, looking at mistakes he believes he made and trying to be a better coach as a result that stood out most, and showed a keeness to learn. And keep on doing so.

This kind of introspection and humility, knowing that just because you’re Rangers manager doesn’t mean you’re beyond reproach, is exactly the kind of mentality which aids success, because it allows proper learning, and the ability to grow.

An arrogant manager who thinks he knows it all and takes no responsibility is far from idea, and before you ask, we don’t consider Steven Gerrard arrogant on this front because he did take blame more than once.

But outright being able to introspectively analyse decisions, and mistakes, will let Gio become a truly great manager, given he’s already impressively good.

We’re certainly in safe hands.

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