It’s time for Rangers to silence Scott Brown

It’s time for Rangers to silence Scott Brown
Scotty doing the Broony...

We’re not entirely keen on discussing Scott Brown at the best of times, but the Aberdeen captain and former Celtic stalwart is making waves today following his ‘performance’ against Rangers.

Being accused of cheating, of poor sportsmanship, and everything else, Brown was the usual centre of attention and probably feels like yesterday was a win for his side.

Ibrox Noise wants to be honest. Whatever you think of Brown, and most of us loathe him, he crossed the Old Firm divide and gave Glen Kamara genuine support. Some fans may have forgotten this, we haven’t.

So we’re not going to start a character assassination just because Ryan Kent got sent off.

But it’s patently clear Brown pushed the boundaries of decency last night, and it’s understandable so many fans are slaughtering him.

The Kent incident – Kenty was already on a yellow, and he did foul Brown, who made a meal of it. It wasn’t a yellow, even Andy Walker admitted that. But referee Kevin Clancy seemed to be in a very partial mood and sent our man off. Brown’s conduct was canny, sneaky, and had it been Morelos fouled and staying down, with a second yellow for his assailant, few Rangers fans would complain.

That said, his diabolical behaviour in mocking Kent when he got sent off and grinning like a Cheshire can was some of the ugliest and unsporting conduct – a pro enthusiastically celebrating a fellow pro being sent off is an unwritten rule of indignity. You absolutely don’t do that no matter who you are.

And then there were his refereeing attempts at influencing the man in black – which frankly he appeared to succeed at. But that one is more on Clancy for being weak.

Brown pushed the boundaries and crossed the line quite a few times last night, and he has plenty of previous for doing so.

He chooses to play that way, and generally gets away with it, so it’s not a shock he’d still be at it.

It’s up to Rangers in future to find a way to silence him when we face his side again.

Scotty Arfield sure did it…

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  1. Brown is and always has been a Ned and a scumbag. For someone who has captained Celtic and Scotland over many years his behaviour has always been an embarrassment. A complete lack of professionalism, respect, dignity and class. He is probably proud of himself today when he should be ashamed. Would you see Billy McNeil or Willie Miller behaving in such a manner? His mocking of Ryan Kent last night was scraping the barrel in bad professionalism and should be subject to viewing by the Compliance Officer. It was at least worthy of a yellow card but Clancy was weak and it obviously didn’t seem appropriate to ask Brown if it was ok to send him off. Surely Clancy must have noticed that Brown was involved in just about every unsavoury during the match and every one that he wasn’t involved in he was in his ear advising what action should’ve been taken.

    • Spot on Robrob57 , Brown is a no mark weak individual he disgraces himself and his family. Clancy is , well we all know what he is and represents. Its the fact that this is totally embedded in all things Scottish now. Hatred of Rangers , The Queen, the United Kingdom .

  2. When your pish these are the lows he needs to stoop to,somebody thats passed it and jealous of the FAMOUS
    Give it up ffs your done sheepshagger

  3. Stop giving this guy oxygen we all know he is a scumbag. The only thing that annoyed me was that no Rangers player sorted him out for his antics after he kidded Clancy to send Kent off. We needed a Jack or Arfield to sort him out.

  4. Kent didn’t even make contact with him just a pure utter cheating rat come on sfa you letting this go as well

  5. He also complained to the ref about Barasic’s bloody nose so we went down to 9 men as he had to go off for treatment, very sneaky.

  6. Browns just a big wane that’s into noising us lot up and he is trying everything to noise Kent up every game we play against muppet man brown the clown 🤡so he deserves everything he deserves no surrender 🔴⚪🔵

  7. The nutmeg Alfredo did on him and scored is enough for me he’s over the hill . Check out the head slap Buff gave him in the same game against The great unwashed, absolutely brilliant. Broons, a class one dick and I’ve seen milk turn quicker, he’s not able to compete now he’s done finito.

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