Forgotten man may have no future at Ibrox under Gio

Forgotten man may have no future at Ibrox under Gio
He'll be keen for the bounce back...

If one man has been completely forgotten by Rangers fans, it’s the impressive John Lundstram who arrived in a blaze of publicity in the summer, but struggled initially with being played out of position alongside Steven Davis.

He put in a handful of impressive displays when slotted back into his preferred 6 position, or taking turns with his partner, but when asked to play more advanced forward by his former manager (who had no clue how to use him or refused to use him correctly) he looked poor.

And that John Lundstram seems to be the one Rangers fans have allowed to percolate as the player he is, and his name has barely surfaced.

In defence of the situation, manager Giovanni van Bronckhorst has barely used him, sticking to Glen Kamara, Scott Arfield and in the early portion of his tenure, Steven Davis.

Lundstram has had a few outings, but increasingly less, and with the hard reset of the winter break upon us, we do wonder what the plan for the former Sheffield United man is.

Is he a player the manager likes?

If there’s one thing Scott Arfield and Glen Kamara have, it’s mobility. While the latter isn’t famed for his, of all four options, Lundstram is among the weaker for this, and GVB is a big believer in players who can move around and cover grass.

He likes movement and coverage, dynamic players.

We’d be the first to admit Lundstram isn’t one of these, and Davis certainly isn’t.

Arfield sure is, Kamara can be.

It puts Lundstram in a tricky position, because he won’t be sure if he has a future under Gio.

The team is playing well and getting the results, and that’s without Lunny. But then he’s still getting game time – he just isn’t a starter under this manager.

In Gio We Trust, and while we at Ibrox Noise admire Lundstram a lot, if he’s not in Gio’s plans, them’s the biscuits.

Be a shame to lose him, but times they are a changing. Etc.

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  1. If a decent offer say from Middlesborough comes in then he’ll go. As you say Arfield and Kamara are GVBs go to options. Obviously Jack would be too but that’s fading fast unfortunately. Davis GVB likes for his experience and Rangersness . Young Kelly could be ready to move up here too.

  2. Lundstram is probably more suited to the style of play required at clubs like Sheffield United, who often need to be tight at the back and need grafters to survive whenever they make it into the EPL. He often comes across as a bit cumbersome, not very agile. So in my view he’s not ideal for teams like Rangers that need to move the ball around quickly or switch play to open gaps in defences.

  3. In a long cold winter, added to by the celtic spfl route of collective stop starts – Rangers just might need JL as a sub when everyone else has been hacked and brutalised by defending teams, especially defending a narrow lead with players on cards etc–.

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