Connor Goldson and the £41,000

Connor Goldson and the £41,000
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Kirk O Rourke/Rangers FC/Shutterstock 11783750cc Connor Goldson and Glen Kamara of Rangers celebrate at the end of the Scottish Premiership match at the Tony Macaroni Arena, Livingston. Livingston v Rangers, Scottish Premiership, Football, The Tony Macaroni Arena, Livingston, Scotland, UK - 03 Mar 2021 Livingston v Rangers, Scottish Premiership, Football, The Tony Macaroni Arena, Livingston, Scotland, UK - 03 Mar 2021 PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTXHUNxGRExMLTxCYPxROMxBULxUAExKSAxONLY Copyright: xKirkxO Rourke/RangersxFC/Shutterstockx 11783750cc

There remains a lot of talk about Connor Goldson’s wage demands. Depending who you read/believe he’s asking for anywhere from £30K a week to £41K.

We’ve sourced this info and as of 6+ months ago our info from someone close to Goldson is that wasn’t true, but we do have reason to believe he wants to be the highest earner, be that £41K or otherwise.

The reason? Thanks to our ex-manager, Goldson became 100% untouchable in the team, never dropped for love nor money, even when playing poorly as he certainly did pre-55 and earlier this season before GVB took over.

As such, Goldson appears to have decided he was so important to Rangers that he’s worth being the best-paid player.

Now, we can’t hard source that, because no one knows what’s going on inside his head, but clearly the offer he was given wasn’t to his liking, and he left it in limbo.

The issue we have is not that Goldson is not worth being the best-paid, it’s the fact he appears to believe he’s entitled to be.

And that’s due to the immunity and indispensability SG furnished upon him.

Gio has stuck with mostly the same team, including Goldson, but completely changed the system and in truth Goldson has performed a lot better now.

And possibly his continuation in the team remains a reason he’s so insistent on being best-paid.

All we know, 100% factually, is he’s not signed a new deal, and he claims he’s not interested in that stuff and leaves it to his agent.

However, there’s no reported interest in him, no links have come up at all, and that says quite a lot for the reported wage demands.

Goldson got too big, too important, too egotistical – he’s not a bad chap, and this isn’t a character assassination, it’s the impact SG had on him which leaves his self-esteem within this club rather inflated.

One thing we will say – he isn’t worth £41K. Whether that one is true or not, it’s far too much.

And that’s about all we can add on it.

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  1. If no cunt else wants him then that says it all,
    We will tell him what hes getting and like it

  2. I’m not sure that Goldson will actually leave. He may be in for a rude awakening. I don’t see any of the top clubs going for him and he may only attract possible relegation fodder like Watford, Newcastle, Burnley etc. or possibly a return to Brighton. Would that be enough to entice him?

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