Confirmed injury leads to selection crisis – GVB reveals signing intentions

Confirmed injury leads to selection crisis – GVB reveals signing intentions
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The news of Ianis Hagi’s season-ender has deeply increased the urgency for a new signing at RW.

The Romanian already wasn’t the solution for that berth, but had been deputising there regardless, and now that he’s gone till next season Rangers vitally need a RW in before the window ends.

Let’s face it, our wing options aren’t the best. Ryan Kent is the only high quality winger on Rangers’ books, with Scott Wright not hitting the levels we need, and being the only other winger we actually have.

Kemar Roofe, of course, is a utility forward and very good at it indeed, but not someone who will run at defenders and take his man on, and anyone who thinks Brandon Barker or Jake Hastie are the answer for RW (both are LWs) requires a trip to Carstairs.

Ultimately, we need a new man in, and it’s become 100% essential.

Is it a 56 decider? Let’s just say the lack of such a signing could seriously hamstring Rangers in the pursuit of the title, and it’s become imperative we don’t end up in that position.

We trust GVB, but he too has confirmed he intends to bring in another player, and that Hagi’s injury has played his hand there.

Will it be Skov Olsen, over which the saga has started to grate a massive number of fans?

It’s beginning to seem unlikely Rangers will get their man on that one, but there are other contenders.

There’s also a lack of time.

Finger out Rangers, we definitely need a new attacker for the right, and the sooner, the better.

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  1. Tonight’s performance against Livingston just confirmed to me that we need to bring someone in at RW. Lack of creativity and goals from that area of the pitch could cost us 56.

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