£10M or £16M? Press reports get it wrong over Patterson

£10M or £16M? Press reports get it wrong over Patterson
WOLVERHAMPTON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 01: Rafael Benitez, Manager of Everton looks on prior to the Premier League match between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Everton at Molineux on November 01, 2021 in Wolverhampton, England. (Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images)

The BBC and the Daily Mail are determined to downplay Rangers’ sale of Nathan Patterson to Everton by claiming the initial fee is £10M rising to £12M, when it’s widely understood to be an initial £12M rising to £16M.

It’s no surprise Pacific Quay would portray the value as being lower than it actually is, and it’s not that shocking either that the Mail is being plain incorrect either.

Patterson, as insiders would tell you, is going for a very fair £12M and that will rise to £16M. Some fans think this isn’t enough, but that’s a matter of opinion, but equally the press we’ve quoted are trying to knock £4M off that.

No, it’s not an initial £10M, it’s £12M. And the eventual value will be £16M.

It’s an excellent deal for Rangers, and a good sale.

Not that certain press would like you to believe that…

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  1. I’ve read all the usual shite about Pattersons deal as they press and the BBC see it …surprise Surprise they underplayed it with quoting the wrong amounts to devalue the move and disrespect the Famous…the rotten mob sign unknown donkeys and sell slash and its the best business ever. Please Fuck Off.. Onwards 56 Good luck Nathan True Blue

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