“The moment that counts – 7” – Rangers rated v Hibs

“The moment that counts – 7” – Rangers rated v Hibs
Roofe celebrates his winner (Credit Rangers FC)

Rangers certainly weren’t at their best tonight after a sluggish evening but a critical penalty was the difference as Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s men won out over Hibs.

Here’s your Ibrox Noise ratings.


Had absolutely nothing to do. Hibs forced him into barely a single save. A quiet one for the stopper. 6


His reserved game continues, with a real lack of overlaps or crosses. Effectively defensive, as little got through from his side, but did manage a few balls in. Solid enough although a little loose with possession. 7


Love or hate him, he saved at least one goal and cleared more than anyone else. A little bit more dallying on the ball but he certainly wasn’t an offender tonight. 7


One unfortunately slip could have been costly, but did generally most of what he needed to and wasn’t overly troubled. 6


Defensively solid, sticking to his own half most of the time and doing it well. Barely tried any crosses at all but his side, like Tav’s, was pretty tight. 7


Oh boy. We got abused roundly for suggesting it was time for him to be used a lot less, and tonight was why. His worst domestic passing level since he rejoined (76%) and gave the ball away countless times. Looked completely out of sorts, but unfortunately he’s getting no younger and this is what we warned about. 4


A solid match from Kamara – didn’t add much going forward, albeit never does, but defensively he did good work and picked up a lot of the slack from his partner. 7


Wasn’t vintage Aribo by any means, didn’t get the attacking domination he has produced in recent times, but still didn’t hide and was always available. 6


Fouled a lot, and won a lot of free kicks, but not overly effective down the right otherwise and we’re surprised he wasn’t removed. 6


He had a shocker but he won the penalty and that’s literally the moment that counts. 7


He had a shocker and was rightly removed. His replacement won the match. 4



Added the usual energy he always does and nearly bagged a goal. 6


Cool as a cucumber and won us the match. Brilliant penalty and points win prizes. 7


This was Gio’s first real taste of the harsh reality of being a Rangers manager in Scottish football. Made a questionable change benching Arfield and replacing with the sluggish Davis, and will be fuming his side were actually worse in the second half following the HT team talk, but his sub won the match. And that’s what he’s paid for. 8

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  1. I think you got almost right IN . Kent slash, Morelos terrible and ineffectual. We were poor but how good to see that wretch Porteous give us the 3 points …lolololo

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