SPFL hypocrisy amidst ridiculous double standards

SPFL hypocrisy amidst ridiculous double standards
LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 11: Neil Doncaster, the CEO of the Scottish Premier League, talks during the Leaders In Sport conference at Stamford Bridge on October 11, 2012 in London, England. (Photo by Tom Shaw/Getty Images)

Scottish football has today been plunged into hypocrisy after St Mirren’s request to postpone their match v Celtic was rejected, while the same body ‘considers’ Celtic’s request to bring the winter break forward.

The Paisley side are suffering a Covid outbreak and will struggle to fulfil tonight’s squad requirements, but the governing body the SPFL dismissed their request to have the match put off.

But are still actively considering the side they face, Celtic, and THEIR similar request to have the entire winter break advanced.

Bear in mind, Celtic are down some key personnel and have complained about fixture congestion (despite having a less busy schedule than Rangers) and this would suit them perfectly, because of course the winter break would only start on Boxing Day, not tonight.

Meaning they get to face a depleted St Mirren while preserving their squad going into the end of the year.

The double standards here are mind-boggling.

We all want to be safe, and advocate health first, of course, but to reject a request from a small team to give them some help in these challenging times, but submit to a big team who need the assistance infinitely less is cheap, nasty, and undermines sporting integrity.

But, isn’t that what the SPFL and Celtic love doing?

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  1. They must’ve been wetting their knickers at Parkhead when this opportunity presented itself. Why win it on the pitch when you can win it in the boardroom.

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