Return of the King as ex-chairman makes pledge

Return of the King as ex-chairman makes pledge
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - OCTOBER 22: Rangers majority share holder Dave King is seen during the Betfred League Cup Semi Final between Rangers and Motherwell at Hampden Park on October 22, 2017 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

After former chairman Dave King declared his intent to stand for re-election on the Rangers board, opinion on his return became instantly divided.

Some against, some for.

And sorry, but boardroom politics and war among our executives is absolutely, 100% the last thing we need right now.

Whether we like or dislike King doesn’t matter – Rangers, board wise, are in a pretty good position, and the action on and off the pitch, aside the accounts, is giving us a nice feelgood factor.

The last thing we need now is for unnecessary friction at boardroom level and a left-field war between our suits.

We get it – there’s issues with him, Graeme Park, and Club1872. We know he’s been attacking the club in public via the Daily Record, and now, the Evening Times.

Some support his claims and defend his actions, others want him away from the limelight.

But frankly we don’t care about King or his intentions. We care about Rangers Football Club and its future.

And having someone with negative relationships with the current board then return to the board is quite simply helpful to no one. Apart from King himself, we imagine.

We don’t need a board at war with itself – we’ve had enough boardroom conflict at this club to last a lifetime.

So for us it’s a big fat no, and we’ll be voting that way if it comes to him standing.

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  1. Mr King will get my support for 2 reasons. What he means to Rangers by his considerable commitment both personally , a True Blue, and more importantly financially. I’m sure we always want people like that in our club His financial capability is an asset.

    • And now we get the division angle. There’ll be some for like you and some against. We’d rather have unity rather than splits. If he’s elected it’ll be a return to the internal strife and conflict and we’re strongly against that.

      • Let’s be honest here guys . We don’t have many financial suitors especially at his level queuing up to put money in . I get the possible division angle but there are issues with young Park and the 1872 interface obviously., but I’m not convinced Mr King will bring division He is almost entitled to be on the board. One thing is clear he has Rangets at the core of all his dealings with the club .

        • Bill, no one is ‘entitled’ to anything with this club. That’s ‘one man bigger than the club’ mentality right there.

          • Mr King in his deliberations and service has never thought he was bigger than Rangers . We need that level of financial Rangers people in this club. We need Rangers to be competently run with correct financial acumen. We do not ever want to return to the lean-to Ashley AGM thieves that tried to destroy us. That is bigger by a mile than Club 1872 internal politics .

  2. I agree with I.N we dont need this right now. We need to focus all efforts on winning the lge this season, no distractions. The players read the papers so they will know whats going on behind the scenes and we dnt need there focus interupted. We need unity to to keep going forward.

  3. I have the same feelings towards King as I do Gerrard. I’m forever grateful for what they have done for my club, but I don’t want either back in any capacity, other than a fan/spectator.
    56 is far, far too important to be dealing with a repeat of his very untimely statements.

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