Mino Raiola will ensure Spanish genius gets nowhere near Rangers

Mino Raiola will ensure Spanish genius gets nowhere near Rangers
FARO, PORTUGAL - JULY 27: Xavi Simons of Paris Saint Germain looks on during a Pre Season Friendly Match between Sevilla FC and Paris Saint-Germain at Estadio Algarve on July 27, 2021 in Faro, Portugal. (Photo by Fran Santiago/Getty Images)

The Rangers Xavi Simons story is a very interesting one, and screams of Lionel Messi 20 years ago.

Older Bears will remember Alex McLeish launched a loan bid to take the genius Barcelona prodigy to Ibrox, which, of course, didn’t work out, but was actually closer to materialising than many think.

However, Barca kept him, and he went onto become a legend.

The Simons story is a huge echo of that. The young Spaniard, rejected by Barca, quit the Camp Nou for PSG to get more minutes, and has been unable, even at 18, to break through.

As a result, some of the cream of Europe is after him, and Rangers have been confirmed as contacting his representative, super agent Mino Raiola, who has a worse reputation than he deserves.

The Dutch-Italian is undoubtedly the biggest broker in the world of football, and is hated by clubs for making them pay so much for his and the players’ service, but loved by the players for working for their best interests and getting them massive deals.

As a result, there is less than 0% chance that Rangers have any shout of getting this whizzkid, especially given the Ibrox wage structure.

If you remember the slim chance we had of securing Atletico’s Rodrigo Riquelme, well, it’s even lower than that.

Yes, we have reached out, but there’s just no chance that we can afford the kid.

True, we can offer him first team action which is what he craves, but many other bidding sides in Europe can too and they can offer him 4 or 5 times what we would break the bank for.

It’s not happening, and given Ross Wilson’s words about our wage structure, it can’t.

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