Lyon injury crisis could be Rangers’ chance

Lyon injury crisis could be Rangers’ chance
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 16: Lyon manager Peter Bosz is seen during the UEFA Europa League group A match between Rangers FC and Olympique Lyon at Ibrox Stadium on September 16, 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Tomorrow it’s back to Europe and my God what a difference.

We now have a team that has a midfield!

And I feel that we can now show Lyon what we really can do.

Yes, Peter Bosz sets up his team to work as a complete team, and he destroyed our ability to play out from the back, but being honest, with our ex-manager not being worried about our midfield being AWOL, Lyon didn’t need to work all that hard.

But we now have a management team who knows how to get the midfield working with the rest of the team…

Now there’s a novelty.

And it only took them two games to work out that the main striker needs to be in the penalty box; which is exactly what we asked for, two weeks ago.

And they have also finally got Kamara to turn his flipping head to find out where the rest of his team is, and to know where his opponents are. Miracles!

Again, this only took them just two games. Something our ex-manager could also have solved ages ago, but he didn’t….

But being honest, with this next game being meaningless, I see Lyon playing this match out with a safe, and slow 4-4-2 formation.

Lyons have a growing number of injuries, and they have no need to bust a gut for this match.

Nor do I see them being overly worried if they go a goal down. For them, it doesn’t make any difference.

This means the only team who will be playing for anything is Rangers, and even that’s a stretch.

Yes, we’re also through, but Rangers need to use this match to try to get ready for the next round of games, and we also still need to keep an eye on Scotland’s dreaded coefficient.

Though a win tomorrow will not change anything in the coefficient land, next year Austria lose their 9.75 coefficient from 2017/18 season, which should allow Scotland to jump up to 8th in the rankings no matter what we do this year, but it will then take a very good run, with Rangers getting as far as the semi-finals or finals this year, and the rest of the Scottish teams actually winning for a change in the following year, for Scotland to have any chance of keeping up with The Netherlands.

Being blunt, even if Rangers win the Europa League this year, which is a big ask with so many top 5 Champions League teams still in the running, it is impossible for Rangers to move Scotland any further up the Coefficient Table.

So, tomorrow we are playing for our pride. To show Lyon that Rangers are back.

Let’s win with a statement….0:5 would make me very happy.

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