Gio keeping Rangers January transfer secrets under wraps

Gio keeping Rangers January transfer secrets under wraps
No wonder he's so positive....

Giovanni van Bronckhorst has done his usual brilliant job of hoodwinking the media over January’s transfer intent by telling watching journos everything and saying absolutely nothing.

Asked on what he sought to do next month in the winter window, Gio pulled off his obligatory ‘polite but cryptic’ response, which is how the Dutchman deals with any question regarding things he really doesn’t want to be drawn on.

The only clue GVB would give on next month’s plans was that he didn’t want to finish January with a smaller squad than he started with, which is of course complete common sense.

But otherwise, he suggested he has no idea what’s happening in a bid to throw off the hunting pack desperate for a morsel to feed off and fill column inches.

Does Gio really not know?

He knows exactly what budget he has, and is well aware Rangers will be dealing pretty much in the Bosman market, which can be a hard one to work with in the summer never mind January window, but there are some gems to be found.

But end of the day the opportunities that arise are rather in the hands of the football Gods, so he’s not strictly being inaccurate when he says he doesn’t know what’s going to transpire.

He knows what he’s looking for, and he knows what leeway the board can give him, but he’s not going to reveal his hand to the media of all people.

The game-changer would be if we do make a big sale, suddenly Gio will have numbers to play with.

But for now, no one knows really, apart from the management team and board.

And that’s the way it should be.

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  1. I firmly believe Rangers will sell at least two . I think Gerrard will attempt to get 2 bargains , Goldson and maybe Kamara. Obviously we will determine the cash. The rest will stay till we win 56. Kent might go but it would have to be big bucks.

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