Dave King steps up ‘unbecoming’ Rangers attack

Dave King steps up ‘unbecoming’ Rangers attack
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - OCTOBER 22: Rangers majority share holder Dave King is seen during the Betfred League Cup Semi Final between Rangers and Motherwell at Hampden Park on October 22, 2017 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

We didn’t really want to take on the Dave King stuff, but when the former chairman smeared Rangers’ board as ‘unbecoming’ we had say something.

The former Ibrox chief has never been shy about blowing hard in the media – always willing to give a tabloid quote or two, with lots of smart-sounding words and a tonne of rhetoric.

Now, let us be clear, like everyone reading this article, we are sincerely and genuinely grateful to him, Paul Murray and John Gilligan for standing up for the club, and forcing an EGM which got Rangers effectively out of the hands of Ashley, Llambias and co.

He stood up, like Murray and Gilligan did, and put time and money into Rangers, and we’re not going to turn round and stab him in the back, revising history and acting like the man didn’t do anything.

This doesn’t mean we’re fond of him, because we’re not. We have respect for his actions upon Rangers, and his time and effort to fix so much of our club up, but we separate those from the person he is, and that person is starting take centre stage with unwelcome digs at the club and the board.

Now, we did poll this among our readers earlier, about how he addressed the ban of Sutton, and we were quite shocked that the response mostly favoured his take – that Rangers’ board should not be banning anyone.

However, the lack of focus from that response on the fact he did it through the Rebel was pretty flabbergasting, that he chose a clear enemy of the club to attack it with.

Because, honestly, wherever you stand on the ban itself, there’s just no defending using the Record as a mouthpiece. Anyone who does is probably not a sincere Rangers fan.

There is of course the question of the hypocrisy. Dave King was part of the Rangers regime which, in 2015, revoked media privilege from the BBC’s Chris McLaughlin. He never reinstated those privileges and the BBC then boycotted the whole club.

Who the heck is he to slam THIS board for banning someone else for similar reasons?

We’re pretty disquieted by the distraction he’s caused just a couple of days prior to a huge trip to France and a massive trip to Edinburgh.

It’s not ‘becoming’ of a Rangers man, not at all.

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  1. I don’t believe Mr.King would stage such an attack without proper cause. He is to long in the tooth to get in petty arguments & from my own experience talking to him he has nothing but The RANGERS at heart.

  2. I have agree the use of the DR is crap , they have been disrespectful of the Famous for too long to appease the green leaning SNP readers. I also agree though the Sutton ban thing is a little petty given the money BT give us . McLaughlin was different he has and still is disrespecting Rangers at every turn as is the B B C. Mr King has his flaws but he’s Rangers 100%.

  3. Who on earth actually reads the Daily Record ? They are full of shite on a good day.
    Even the Herald is sympathetic to the enemy of Scotland – the SNP idiots.

    Never read the DR and god help you if you vote for the nasty snp .

  4. Yes the DR has always printed shite about the Famous
    But banning anyone whoever they are connected to seems a pointless exercise.
    Can we not just concentrate on the football and winning no56
    WATP GSTQ 🇬🇧 🇬🇧

  5. your a disgrace to attack king the club is becoming petty and childish and to use Mr kings words it’s unbecoming of our club to use the ban on the BBC in the same context as the Sutton ban is simply unfair the BBC were banned for a sustained campaign against the club but Sutton/walker merely criticised the club. worrying days at our club seems to be acting like a mafia

    • We’re not sure we see an awful lot of difference between Sutton’s conduct and the BBCs? That said, nothing in your post defended anything to do with our club. You weren’t even neutral. You defended King purely – which hints you might not be a Rangers fan. PS Walker is banned from Celtic Park…

  6. King is a Rangers man and has done way more than most for the club. He is entitled to his opinions (with which I largely agree). I would prefer this not to be played out in the media but I suspect he has tried and failed to get the Board to behave in a fitting manner privately. If they will not moderate their behaviour, they need to be called out. Sutton is appalling but Rangers should be way bigger than him. Thanks for standing up for our values, Dave!

    • Can you explain what that behaviour is, Brian? Aside a couple of bans, what have the board done which disquiets you?

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