“Complete transformation” as Gio’s Rangers rack up another win

“Complete transformation” as Gio’s Rangers rack up another win
He's not afraid to drop big names....

There is absolutely no doubt that only 4 weeks ago, Rangers would have lost that one 2-0 rather than prevailing in the opposite direction.

This squad and team have been completely and totally transformed in the space of barely a few days, and every member is fighting tooth and nail for the club and for the fans.

But crucially, they’re playing for this manager.

We don’t want to stoop to petty digs at Steven Gerrard, but the reality is he only learned some things about how to be a manager, and he just wasn’t a boss for us. He was a learner driver, and he’s been replaced by a seasoned pro who knows exactly how to get the best out of his players and how to use them.

The players had simply stopped under Gerrard, they weren’t playing for the manager any more, and they’ve got a complete transformation under GVB into a total unit that works for each other and the manager.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves – the defence was a bit shaky, Calvin Bassey and Scott Arfield in particular struggling at moments which led to defensive mix ups and a lack of leadership which saw clearances being blundered.

But the overall picture is infinitely rosier than it was under Gerrard.

He had a single wonderful domestic season league wise, and we are not going to forget that, but Giovanni is a complete and total upgrade in every sense and we are so so happy he came home.

What a start he’s made as Rangers manager.

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