An Ibrox Noise Statement

An Ibrox Noise Statement
"Ibrox Stadium" (CC BY-ND 2.0) by Tom Brogan

As many of you know, Ibrox Noise relies on advertising revenue to keep the lights on. Ad revenue is a standard for most websites these days, and in order to keep bringing you content and avoid paywalls or ever charging, we have kept the costs to ourselves.

We can’t always control the content of every ad on the site, but we have the power to choose some, and in those cases we reject all gambling ads.

We have received plenty of offers the past year, during the rise of gambling firms amid Covid, but it is now Ibrox Noise policy to reject, where possible, any ad promoting gambling and help reduce Britain’s continuing addiction to the ‘pastime’.

We agree on gambling responsibly, and many can do it without any major risk, but for some, it is a real problem.

Our club is of course sponsored by a gambling firm, and many football clubs are, and it is the way of the world these days that betting companies are probably the major sporting sponsor at present.

But while we cannot guarantee no gambling ads on Ibrox Noise, we do guarantee a reduction of them, and we will always turn down any betting ads where we have the power to do so.

Britain has a colossal, vile, gargantuan pandemic outwith Covid, and it’s called gambling, and it ruins the lives of many.

We are in no way preaching to those who enjoy an occasional flutter, and such pastimes are fine when controlled.

But it can ruin the lives of so many when out of control, that we want to do our part to help reduce that, even a little.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Why dont you do a patreon page or something and take donations to help the site run ? Im sure most people reading could make small donations now n then ?

    • That’s just it, small donations now and then wouldn’t really help. But no, we’ve always been against taking donations anyway, too many sites rip their readers off and we absolutely don’t ever want to go down that route.

  2. Spot on I.N these mobs are just with a pair of knickers on,they pray on the vulnerable scamming bstards,its the same as that cinch mob theve got the wonga smell about them too fckn crooks,stay well away

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