Why Steven Gerrard changed his mind John Terry will never know

Why Steven Gerrard changed his mind John Terry will never know
LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - JULY 16: John Terry, Assistant Manager of Aston Villa looks on prior to the Premier League match between Everton FC and Aston Villa at Goodison Park on July 16, 2020 in Liverpool, England. Football Stadiums around Europe remain empty due to the Coronavirus Pandemic as Government social distancing laws prohibit fans inside venues resulting in all fixtures being played behind closed doors. (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

We guess it’s still very raw, but the fundamental question is just why did Steven Gerrard go to Aston Villa?

Steven Gerrard, on numerous occasions, assured us the only club he was interested in aside Rangers was Liverpool. That his 100% ambition was to manage Liverpool. That he would ONLY leave for Liverpool.

He was honest enough, like Alfredo Morelos, to constantly tell us his future was away from Rangers, but that that future was Liverpool and no one else.

Then he fecks off to Villa Park?

Steven Gerrard will FACE Liverpool soon, he will manage against the side he swore he never would.

And there’s where John Terry comes into play.

We can’t exactly say we hugely admire the ex-Chelsea giant. He had more than a few indiscretions to say the least in his career and life.

But he was absolutely blue through and through and a titan of a player and when he found his Stamford Bridge time up, he 100% refused to join any other PL team because he wouldn’t play for any opponent of Chelsea.

He went to the Championship, a lower level, to avoid facing his team.

He eventually became coach of Villa, assistant to Dean Smith, and did finally face Chelsea but only as an assistant coach, having served his honour of not facing Chelsea till then.

Steven Gerrard, lifelong bleeding red Liverpool legend you name it – will face Liverpool in one month’s time as Villa manager. Immediately, basically.

We have to say if ever honour came from Terry and not from Gerrard, that would be it.

He will face the side he swore till death he wouldn’t compete against inside 4 weeks of taking a new job. And he would have known that.

So why the change of heart? Intention? Design?

He’s shown his true nature a little here, if we can be so bold and petty to suggest. You may disagree.

But none of what Gerrard has done here is really that honourable at all. To anyone. Including Liverpool.

Just ask John Terry.

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  1. Terry is in with a shout of joining us but it’s a no from me, give me a proven manager now like we should have before the scouser signed

  2. Gerrard left to be with his family full time again… ever had young kids and worked away full time, only seeing there little faces for a few days here and there sometimes for weeks on end? I have, it absolutely destroyed me, gave up a fantastic career and made more money in a week than I do in a month now easily and gave it all up just to come home to a regular job just to be with my young son full time again, I tell you it doesn’t matter what you work as or what money you make, there is nothing that justifies rarely seeing your young family to professional commitments… he done so for 3.5 years, remarkable he managed it that long if u asked me as I only lasted 2 years… and 9 months on from returning home full time it is by far the best decision I’ve ever made by a very long stretch… Gerrard like us all with family’s is a father & husband above all else, give them man a break ffs he brought us 55 and stopped the 10… nobody else would have.

    • Well said. I’ll be extremely disappointed if all we get on here are the Gerrard haters. I don’t know any Rangers fan who didn’t support Gerrard 100% and I know we are in the majority. Let’s here you.
      Gerrard was here until he got a step up the ladder to the EPL that hopefully leads to Liverpool. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I don’t want anyone at Rangers who has no ambition to be better.

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