What will change for Rangers under a new manager?

What will change for Rangers under a new manager?
MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 23: Giovanni Van Bronckhorst, Manager of Feyenoord during the Feyenoord press conference at Old Trafford on November 23, 2016 in Manchester, England. (Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images)

Who stays and whose Rangers adventure ends here?

When Rangers do appoint our new manager, there will be quite a lot of mulling over the state of the squad.

In truth, we must be fair and thank Steven Gerrard for one thing, and that is leaving us with a pretty good group of players.

While many of them are not exactly performing at their best, we know how good the likes of Borna Barisic and Alfredo Morelos are, so the health of the squad is certainly decent.

In terms of dead wood, beyond Brandon Barker and Jack Simpson we actually don’t have many surplus players really, and the only other two with futures up in the air would be the loanees Cedric Itten and Niko Katic.

So, what would a new manager do?

For the short term, other than putting their own stamp on the system, honestly we doubt too much.

If it is to be GVB, he also plays a 4-3-3 that is not a lot dissimilar to Gerrard’s, so the change would not be dramatic.

But the key change is that the wingers are the ones relied on for width, not the fullbacks so much. GVB is very much a width king – he likes to use the flanks, which is pretty much how Gerrard played.

But with Gio, as we say, it would be the Roofes, Hagis and Kents relied on for that width more than the fb’s, albeit we’d still see Tav play that we too we imagine.

Don’t expect a lot of change personnel-wise – Rangers might have some players we’d like to tweak as fans, but if we’re to see 56, the change midseason would have to avoid disruption as much as possible.

And this is regardless of who takes over.

Either way, it’s interesting times ahead for Rangers fans.

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  1. I disagree guys, I think we need to change 2 or 3 …Goldson , Morelos and perhaps also sell one of the assets Kamara or Kent perhaps . Re call Katic.

    • You may have slightly misunderstood the point here Bill. It’s not so much what we need to do, it’s what we think the manager will do immediately. We agree on selling an asset or two, but that can’t happen for two months.

  2. Sorry but , I know that won’t happen till the new manager comes in and also the time frame . Perhaps I’m framing an opinion of what real Rangers Fans may want . No way will it be enough to carry on regardless here.

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