Tough fortnight for Rangers as we lose our two managers

Tough fortnight for Rangers as we lose our two managers
Walter and Steven.

There’s no denying it’s been a hard fortnight for Rangers fans, because we lost not just one manager, but two.

20 days ago Sir Walter was still with us and Steven Gerrard was preparing for 56.

Today Sir Walter is passed on, and Gerrard decided enough was enough and moved to pastures new.

If ever Rangers fans lost two managers in the space of such a short time we cannot recall it, but it’s certainly been an emotional period for the club, and most importantly, the fans.

See, the club is the most important thing at the end of the day, but it’s nothing without us, without the fans, and we are the ones who understand what Walter meant to us, what he meant to Rangers, while we felt at least safe regarding Gerrard and his position.

Now all of that has been torn apart – Walter is gone, and Gerrard is… well… gone.

There’s no denying last season was incredible, a stunning feat, one we’ll cherish, but just right now it’s soured a bit.

Has it been tainted?

No, nothing can ever take 55 away. But the reality of our state right now with losing the pair of them is more disquieting than anything we can remember for quite some time.

It is pretty much the same as Celtic experienced with Rodgers – all his promises then the betrayal.

Is it the same as Souness? As we said recently, it’s not quite as bad. But then, pondering it, Souness was only willing to leave for one club, and that’s Liverpool. Gerrard was the same but then went with Aston Villa?!

You can be the judge.

All we know is we’ve lost effectively our two major figureheads in the manner of 20 days.

And that’s hard to take.

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  1. There will be no barriers erected, no sharks thrown, team buses chased or rocks hurled at players cars nor will his house be ransacked and dougie Parks House petrol bombed, that is what separates us from the animals

    Spot the difference from us to the absolute scum from the east ?

  2. Totally correct Walter gave us titles and cups stevie gave us 55 put us back where where we should be no regets get gio in to keep us there nobody is bigger than Glasgow rangers onwards and upwards watp

  3. Steven Gerrard has gone but Rangers will always be here and NO man is bigger than our club NO man. I thank him for the memories of taking us to 55. however there is some irony in his decision to steal away like a thief in the night. He is on record as telling the players Do you want to be only remembered as the team that won the 55th title or are you hungry for more,,,,, well he might have lost his appetite for our club that he apparently loves, but one thing is certain WE the fans have not!!!!!
    Onwards and Upwards it is done he is yesterdays news and we are looking to the future RTID

  4. Yes well said but but he was always going to walk but was the timing right not really but my wife would have said family first 🇬🇧👍

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