There’s something we noticed about Gio’s first press conference…

There’s something we noticed about Gio’s first press conference…
He'll drop who needs dropping...

We will have a tonne of content coming up over the coming hours and days on Gio’s first press conference as Rangers manager, but we wanted to kick it all off with our most notable observation of the new man’s time in front of the media, and that is the absolute dignity, calm, and personable way he came across, deeply unflappable even in the face of a provocative question about ‘responsibility’.

Taking the questions for the first time, GVB conduct was absolutely, 100% the way we expect a Rangers manager to talk. No arrogance, no cocky self-assurance, no stupid catchphrases design to play to the gallery, just quiet self-confidence but strength in abundance.

It’s the most impressive we’ve seen a new Rangers manager speak since Walter’s return, with that determination, drive and steely assurance while remaining friendly, personable, unflappable and all round solid.

We don’t like arrogance, we don’t like ‘big’ claims because we’ve had enough of them from the past from blowhards in our club – what we like is the quietly strong self-assurance Gio has in spades, modest but not capitulating.

We feel like we’re in very safe hands under this guy, and may we look forward to a bright future with him.

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