The truth behind that ‘hunger’ comment from Goldson

The truth behind that ‘hunger’ comment from Goldson
Scotty spoke the truth afterwards....

There’s been a lot said about Connor Goldson’s now-infamous ‘hunger’ comment, when funnily enough Scott Arfield said something similar.

While Scotty is one of us, Goldson isn’t, and fans, already not the biggest admirers of the defender after his indifferent time at Ibrox and refusal to sign a new deal, have clearly lambasted him for what he said and mostly agreed with Scott.

In truth, Arfield did put it in a more blunt way, and shouldered responsibility in his words rather than playing the blame game like Goldson did, but they both said the same thing in a different way:

Goldson said the hunger was gone, Arfield said the levels had dipped.

But, rather than apportioning blame on wording, let’s be blunt – as Ibrox Noise’s Derek rightly said, Goldson was correct. And so was Scotty.

But there’s a finer detail that neither of them said, nor would any player ever say:

The hunger was gone and the levels had dipped – under Steven Gerrard.

That’s absolute. No one can deny the improvement in grit, workrate, determination and attitude since Gio took over, and it’s clear the players simply weren’t performing for their ex-boss.

They are for Gio, they have got their game right back, and while there are a few things still to smooth over in the system and it’s not there quite yet, the difference between the matches since Sunday, and the Hibs loss itself, are night and day.

For a manager who was supposedly all about players running through walls for him, clearly this squad wasn’t interested in doing that any more, but GVB has got them motoring again.

The guts are back, the graft is back, and we can admit both Goldson and Arfield were correct.

They just couldn’t say anything directly about the manager now could they?

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  1. The improvement you mentioned under Gio was largely missing today as we reverted to type and put the tools away again when leading 2-0 and reverted back to knocking aimless passes around the back. This may not be something that can be fixed under any manager. It’s a mindset which starts from a switched off Goldson at the back up to an ineffectual and lazy Morelos jogging about up front.

  2. Sooner that Goldsons away the better hes bringing the place down with his comments and workrate fkn donkey,fkn liability get rid
    No place for slackers💪

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