The ‘treachery’ of Steven Gerrard

The ‘treachery’ of Steven Gerrard
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - MAY 02: Rangers Manager Steven Gerrard looks on during the Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership match between Rangers and Celtic at Ibrox Stadium on May 02, 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland. Sporting stadiums around the UK remain under strict restrictions due to the Coronavirus Pandemic as Government social distancing laws prohibit fans inside venues resulting in games being played behind closed doors. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

This is going to be a very strongly-worded no-holds barred article over the traitor that is Steven Gerrard, and if you don’t like the sentiment this isn’t the piece for you.

We have formulated this over the last 48 hours, shaped based on our own sentiments and more importantly, those of the readers and our audience.

With a social media audience close to 60,000 and hundreds of thousands of readers on our website, we can safely say the opinion we’ll express in this piece very much mirrors what we’re seeing online from the vast majority of fans now, and we can’t say we blame them.

And that is that Steven Gerrard is, and always will be, deeply two-faced.

The number of lies he told Rangers fans beats anything any of his predecessors said, and we begin with this beauty from 2019:

“I’m really happy where I am, so I don’t feel the need to rejoin The Premier League. Training Rangers was a unique opportunity I was offered, a legendary club. I love the environment, and the work we’re doing here. The Premier League call was clearly the main factor for Rodgers, otherwise he wouldn’t even give a thought about it, let alone accepting the job. Not my thing, I’d never leave Rangers halfway through the season”.

There were also the early lies about only playing players who earned it, who were in form, and telling all players they had to fight for the shirt. That was exposed as a lie pretty quick as his pals like Ejaria, Tavernier and Goldson didn’t have to earn it at all.

But quite frankly we could go through all the lies he spouted, and be here all year – the most deeply disturbing is his shameful and diabolical exit.

He slipped out by the back door, telling no one of his intentions. All Villa had to do was pay out his compensation.

The first the players knew of it was when he was holding the Villa shirt up with the beaming smug grin of a man who played Rangers like a fiddle.

All that horse**** about never leaving this club for anyone other than Liverpool, and even then mocking Emma Dodds over her now infamous question about his future only a couple of weeks ago – these stains will stick to him for the rest of his career, and now we know that he has zero integrity.

He had the absolute gall to claim he leaves Rangers with his head held high.

Even more comically, he has not apologised or even referred to the fans at all, aside that brief Instagram post.

In all his media work since this began, he’s made it pretty clear how little he actually thinks of Rangers and our fans, and the two-facedness of his exit is frankly deeply unerring.

We’ve not even mentioned how he took 6 staff members with him.

He swore there were two clubs now in his heart. That was clearly false.

He tells us once a Ranger always a Ranger. Not sure true Rangers behave the way you have mate.

We’re seeing the true emotions of fans coming out now the past two days and while there’s plenty of that ‘move on he’s gone ffs’ type comments, many more are slating the man.

So we can honestly say we’re glad you’re gone, and for us, sorry, you’re not welcome back.

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  1. I will totally agree with everything you have said and let’s move on with the new management team we have to win the treble.watp

  2. I dnt always agree, but i do with this peice. Very snide and sneeky the way he’s left us on international break. He’s also hardly mentioned us since

  3. Dry your eyes
    Iam not interested in all that 2 faced shite
    Iam interested in
    Beat septic when we couldny beat caseys drum
    League 55 and stopped the 9.5iar
    Respectable european runs,which earned respect from eufa
    At the tap of the league 4 points
    And i think GVB is a rushed mistake we will drop points like a ton of shit
    Watch this space

    • Is English your first language ? Stay sober and write it as it is. Ranger will move forward without SG and will always be the best.

  4. Said weeks ago if he goes I don’t mind there’s better out there. Wasn’t bothered he went & like I’ve said to yous before which became clear, like I’m sure you knew it would without my input, that his refusal to drop players would have a negative effect on the team & it did.

  5. I don’t see trechery behaviour from a man who gave his all in the three years to the club we always knew he wasn’t our long term solution he always wanted the premier League and to get the job he truly wants he has got to cut his teeth their so no matter when he left us he was always going to pain to some we must thank him for leaving us top of the table still in Europe a semi final to look forward too this weekend and let’s win for our new manager who ever it may be just one last point good luck to Stevie and his backroom you will need it in the midlands

  6. Well documented, and all you have said is spot on he has lied from the start about how he loves two clubs , the guy has no integrity or credibility and i hope it comes back to bite him on the arse.

  7. It’s all there for anyone to see , he orchestrated his departure a few weeks ago . Dean Jones was already marked to get fired and the CEO who knows Gerrard set it up. Let’s hope it can motivate Rangers . We will have to clear out a few non believer’s, Tav Goldson Morelos and sell maybe 1 asset . Gerrard won’t be missed or the way he used his blatant favouritism , which was knowing away at the soul of Rangers.

  8. Frankly I don’t really care what Gerrard said or how he is perceived by some Rangers fans. All I know and care about is that in May 2018 we were an embarrassing basket case regularly being humiliated 5-1, 5-0, 4-0 by Celtic, losing at home and away to the dregs of Scottish football. Now in November 2021 we have turned our club into Scotland’s best having stopped 10 and won 56. And those months from January to May 2021 when we knew we were going to win the league were perhaps the best I can remember as a Rangers fan. We now haven’t lost to Celtic since September 2019 and are now 8 games unbeaten against them. We are also top of the league, in the semi-final of the League Cup and have a decent shot of the last 32 of the Europa League. Now you can call Gerrard what you like but you can’t deny the stats. So I’ll say it again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Steven Gerrard and good luck in your future career.

  9. Excellent article Ibrox Noise, there is a way of doing things and then there is the “The Rangers Way” with Class,Dignity and Respect, Gerrard displayed none of these. I do not wish to be smart after the event however, I never really bought into him, for me he always gave the impression of being bigger than the club and we should be grateful for having him.
    In closing I have not read any derogatory comments about Mcallister who falls into the same category as Gerrard and he has the audacity to call himself “A Rangers Man” Hang your heads in shame. Robert McDonald

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