The gut feeling about Giovanni van Bronckhorst

The gut feeling about Giovanni van Bronckhorst
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - NOVEMBER 21: Giovanni van Bronckhorst, Head Coach of Rangers looks on from the stands prior to the Premier Sports Cup semi-final match between Hibernian and Rangers at Hampden Park on November 21, 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Something Ibrox Noise has never shared with its readers is how yours truly has reacted to the appointment of every manager since founding this site in late 2011. A very personal piece this, which you will probably scoff at, but it’s the truth. As always.

With Ally McCoist we didn’t think he was up to it, but hoped he was Walter mk2. He did his best but wasn’t capable in the end.

With Kenny McDowall of course we know that was a shambles, we all knew that.

With Stuart McCall we had no major reaction because we didn’t believe it would be long term.

But here’s where the confessions really start. We 100% wanted Mark Warburton, and were delighted when it was confirmed. But the day of his first presser? Seeing him face the press? Blood ran cold. Gut feeling knew he was the wrong man long term. He did brilliantly in the Championship, we know that, but completely out of his depth in the SPL. And knew he wouldn’t last long.

The exact same feeling for Pedro, but in this case without ever wanting him. That was Stuart Robertson’s baby, and he made a big error there. Everyone and his dog knew Pedro was a mistake.

We’ll mention Graeme Murty too – clearly the wrong appointment but at least a man of honour who did his best. And gave us a big point at Parkhead all those years ago.

But then it was the ex-boss. Whose name we’re no longer interested in. We were wary when a youth coach was linked, and when he was confirmed we were excited because of the name. But then the first sight of him in our suit gave us big doubts. He didn’t suit it, frankly, and he looked wrong. And until 55 we had never been convinced either. Gut feelings rarely lie.

And while we got that all-important 55 under him (let’s face it, Beale), we had never felt comfortable with him as manager. These are the kinds of things we keep to ourselves as supporters, as a fansite who wants the best for the club and will always support.

So you’re probably wondering what we reckoned about Gio.

Gio as boss is the first time since Walter Smith in 2007 that we’ve been comfortable with our manager, with seeing him paraded.

It is change, yes, but it’s familiar change, and we have not had this feeling since the Grand Master returned in 2007.

Does this mean GVB will be a success?

No. But it does mean it’s the first time in over a decade for yours truly actually fully believing in a Rangers manager from the very start.

We are 100% all in for Gio and that’s a new feeling for us since Ibrox Noise began.

Welcome Home Gio, it is very good to see you again.

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  1. I agree with that – I think he will stamp his authority straight away and will not shrink from making hard decisions 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

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