Stage is set for Gio’s Hampden bow with Rangers

Stage is set for Gio’s Hampden bow with Rangers
He's ready to begin at Ibrox (Credit Rangers FC)

Rangers face Hibs tomorrow in a surreal match, effectively one without a manager.

With GVB set to face the media for the first time on Monday, he will not be part of the setup tomorrow, and instead the likes of David McCallum and Jermain Defoe will instead lead the side out.

So what does this mean for the potential in the League Cup? After the ex-boss left, Rangers have been very much in a state of flux, and our record under him in the cups was… in a word… revolting.

The players, therefore, have a clean break here, and while they know McCallum and Defoe won’t be their bosses after Sunday, nevertheless they need to get to this final for the fans.

These players owe supporters a second trophy, and we do think it would be a nice parting gift per se to our ex to win this one.

Being serious, it’s about Gio now, and what this group of players can do tomorrow knowing our new manager is arriving next week properly.

He will be at Hampden to take this one in, and will very much focus on what needs work and improving.

Let’s hope we give him a Hampden final to look forward to.

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