Speaking the truth as Rangers man rants

Speaking the truth as Rangers man rants
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Whatever we think of Connor Goldson’s motives and/or hypocrisy, in part at least, he was speaking the truth.

For example, when we talk about guts and effort, we at IN have been saying that Glen Kamara does not deserve to be anywhere near the first team, for months!

And every single match it’s the same stupid mistake.

He just stares at the damn ball.

He NEVER bothers to look around, to see where the other players are.

Sorry, my mistake. After the goal went in, he did look around ….but he was then looking for someone else to blame!

Yes, it’s official. My top has blown.

But it’s no use talking about ‘what ifs’ and ‘could we have won its’, if we were only 2:1 down at halftime. It was 3!

The fact is, for all those who still think Gerrard is/was a fabulous manager, this is his legacy and more and more of our readers are seeing it.

With one third of our midfield AWOL, and his stubborn refusal to give anyone else a chance, it’s no wonder we didn’t have a midfield, and we have to rely on our defenders to get the ball up the field.

This was his team that went out there yesterday, and if our new manager picks Kamara again especially for our match against Sparta Prague you just might hear me screaming insanities until I collapse from madness.  

And for heaven sakes give Robby McCrorie a chance!

With almost every single shot our opponents take resulting in a goal, don’t give me the ‘it’s too big a risk’ nonsense.

Thank God we have a new manager.

Gerrard thanks for some of the memories, but it wasn’t you who gave us the base.

It was Michael Beale.

And you then blew it, by playing your favourites for far too long.

Time for change.

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  1. You’ve struck the nail on the head with your comment about how “almost every single shot our opponents take resulting in a goal”
    It’s absolute madness at the back just now. I am struggling to remember the last time our keeper made an actual save.

  2. Spot on Derek. Too many ‘spectators ‘ again that take no responsibility for fuckall. I really hope GVB uses his head here to see what is needed to get 56 done.

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