Shock GVB reveal over ‘pals act’ – big clue on Tav & Goldson at Ibrox

Shock GVB reveal over ‘pals act’ – big clue on Tav & Goldson at Ibrox
He'll drop who needs dropping...

Rangers fans ‘fearing’ GVB won’t drop captain James Tavernier might do well to look at the new boss’s track record on favourites:

He doesn’t have any.

GVB and fellow Dutch legend Dirk Kuyt are close friends, but that didn’t stop Rangers’ manager dumping the ex-Liverpool man purely on tactical and form reasons, which bodes extremely well for the ‘favourites’ issue.

SG was infamous for sticking with his pals unfailingly during his time at Ibrox, and it became a huge bone of contention for fans.

Well the new manager is not bound to loyalty in any way and is willing to drop anyone if they’re not delivering, or indeed if they don’t fit to a tactical plan in a particular match.

So those fearing the likes of Tavernier, Goldson, Morelos and Barisic are untouchable, fear not.

This is a fair manager who doesn’t let alliances and friendships get in the way of doing what’s best for the football club.

If that means dumping Tavernier or Goldson or anyone else underperforming, GVB will do it without hesitation.

Good eh?

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