SFA charge for anti-Rangers bigotry is welcome

SFA charge for anti-Rangers bigotry is welcome
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We have seen with interest John Needham being charged with bigoted and discriminatory posts he made about Rangers.

Look, we’re not the kind of grasses who point at people like the craze-eyed village gossip and demand action be taken on them, but we do appreciate a fair playing field, and given the persecution on Rangers and our fans in recent times, we think a little bit of aggression aimed at us is fair game for treatment.

And it is right that the SFA have seen sense and charged him.

We don’t want him locked up and the key thrown away, let’s be reasonable here, but what he said was wrong, offensive, and he has correctly apologised.

That Nil By Mouth barely criticised him in comparison with their full-on assault on Rangers’ choice of music for a montage video recently lieu our 150th is for another discussion, but we can’t be bothered with petty point scoring.

Needham will face action, probably not a lot, but at least the right outcome has taken place and he’s charged with discriminatory or offensive comments with a hearing on the 2nd of next month.

No doubt the Stewarts, Dornans and Suttons won’t have much to say about it…

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