Scott Arfield made Goldson’s rant look foolish for Gers

Scott Arfield made Goldson’s rant look foolish for Gers
Scotty spoke the truth afterwards....

While the world and his dog have been slaughtering Connor Goldson for his pretty rotten post-match interview after Hibs, less has been said of Scott Arfield’s.

Now, both players came out and spoke with their hearts, but the vice-captain’s comments were roundly slaughtered by almost everyone, albeit there was certainly an element of truth in them, as Ibrox Noise’s Derek explained.

However, the difference in Arfield’s comments is why he’s been hit with no abuse at all and has been borderline praised.

See, when Arfield came out he offered no excuses, and he spoke like one of us.

He stated it had been rotten, and he used a wonderful phrase: ‘individually and collectively’. He offered no feeble defences like the vice captain had, made no claims about what we should have done and didn’t, he just humbly admitted, as a fan himself, that he wasn’t going to ‘sugarcoat’ this dreadful afternoon into something it wasn’t.

Goldson’s big failing was to claim they’d practised all this in training but hadn’t executed it, as if he himself had got it right, but everyone else had messed up.

Arfield was infinitely more dignified.

No pretend reasons, taking full responsibility, and involving his own part as also not being good enough, when in fact he and Joe Aribo were the only two who escaped with a bit of credibility.

Goldson has been slammed for acting like he was any better, Arfield has been praised for claiming he wasn’t.

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