Ryan Kent reveals truth about major Rangers dip

Ryan Kent reveals truth about major Rangers dip
Kenty admission reveals truth....

Ryan Kent has dropped a major hint at why he lost form so badly earlier this season, something which Steven Gerrard admitted was tangible as the winger struggled to hit the heights he was capable of.

Rangers manager was questioned earlier in the season as to Kent’s middling form, and replied suggesting the question was better aimed at Kent, confirming the attacker wasn’t at his best:

“I think that is a question you need to ask Ryan when he faces the media. I am sure he will be facing the media in the coming weeks. I think it is clear he is not at his best level right now. But, as his manager and a staff, we will give him the support he needs to try and get him back in the best place as quick as we can. Ryan has been absolutely phenomenal for me and the club since he has walked through the door. It is very rare to see him when he is not in top form. But this is it, he is human, it happens. I had more dips in form than anyone out there, so I understand that. He needs myself, the staff and his team-mates to get round him and it will only take that one moment of brilliance or one big performance and he will be back in the place we need him.”

But Kent himself has confirmed his issues were a lot more than form/confidence:

“It’s been a tough period, the start of the season, carrying quite a few niggles so it’s nice to get them ironed out and really glad to be back on the pitch.”

Simple as that – he was injured and carrying a few issues, and when he pulled up v Lyon, that was ‘game over’ and gave the winger a full chance to completely recover over the next two months.

There was no denying he wasn’t at his best back then, and his return to the team has seen 55’s Ryan Kent back with a vengeance. Maybe not fully 100% match fit yet, but close to it, and looking back to his best form.

Helps when you’re not injured, doesn’t it?

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  1. Absolutely love Kent the Timothy destroyer, we play far better with him in the team, the same as Scotty, those 2 would be in my starting line up every game without a shadow of a doubt, he is one of the ones l fear we could lose in the January window same as Aribo

    What is all this nonsense about Zander Clark, yip, he is a fine goalie but we have our very own McCrorie who l personally think he should be our number 1

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